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June RV & Camping News

This week in the Good Sam camping news spotlight, we’re taking a look at how campers are adopting AI as a means of trip planning, how you can earn $70 towards your next stay at a campground, and how the RV rental market is at an all-time high.

Campers are quickly adopting artificial intelligence

According to a recent study by KOA, 32% of campers claim to have used artificial intelligence as a means of trip planning, with another 22% of the survey intent on using AI for future travel. Primarily, most campers see AI as a helpful tool for finding well-reviewed parks, gathering information, or even just crafting an itinerary for upcoming trips. The study seems to suggest that campers are adopting AI technology quicker than any other group of recreational travelers. With an estimated 22 million households planning on camping over the 4th of July weekend, the data suggests that AI will be a pertinent part of many people’s summer plans.

RV rental market is at an all-time high

A recent report from Outdoorsy claims that the rental market for RVs is the highest it’s ever been, with 76% of their bookings coming from first-time customers. Additionally, renters are taking longer trips than in previous years (about 1 to 2 more days on average), with many expecting this trend to continue growing. One of the suggested factors for growth stems from inflation in the hotel industry, with the average cost of a room increasing by 54% in the past year. Other reports even predict the RV rental industry to be worth over $1 billion as soon as 2031.

RVshare and Hipcamp giving away $10 million in overnight stays

To commemorate their 10 years in business, RVshare and Hipcamp have announced a partnership and are planning to give away up to $10 million to RVers for overnight stays to celebrate. The relationship between the two companies will mean further integration between Hipcamp’s and RVshare’s inventory. As of last week, customers who book rentals through RVshare’s website or app can claim a promo code worth $70 for a Hipcamp booking. Note that the offer will only be valid for stays falling between June and December of this year.

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