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The Best Diesel Fuel Discounts For RVs

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diesel gas pump - diesel fuel discounts

These diesel fuel discounts for RVs could save you a ton of money.

The Best Diesel Fuel Discounts For RVs

Whether you are pulling a toy hauler or trailer with your diesel truck, or driving a Class A diesel motorhome, it becomes part of the RV lifestyle to hunt down the best fuel rates possible.  In addition to looking for the best rates, you also have the complication of fitting your rig into the available diesel spots. 

The nice feature in our era is there are a lot of apps, cards, and gas stations offering diesel fuel discounts for RVs. When you are filling up a 40–100-gallon tank, even a few cents add up.  Use some of these options to save money and reduce complications on fill-ups.

TSD Logistics

TSD Logistics is based in Texarkana, Texas, but they are a freight and trucking company serving the United States.  You simply apply for their fuel card which is available to anyone wanting to purchase diesel from truck stops.

How does it work?

Once you apply online, they will issue you a card.  You can use the card at any truck stop that sells diesel fuel in separate trucking lanes (not where cars gas up).  When using the card, you will save 90% of the negotiated discount and TSD gets the other 10%.  All you need to do is fill out the online application.


All big diesel truck stops like Loves, TA, Petros, and many more.


The bonus of stopping at a TSD pump is since they are for truckers, you can also get DEF directly from the pump when you stop, which is a huge convenience.


Because this is an area used by truckers 24/7, hauling all kinds of materials, the pumps are not always the cleanest.  It is a good idea to carry some gloves with you to access the pumps.

Fuel card programs offer discounts at the pump

Many programs offer diesel fuel discounts for RVs


Mudflap provides instant fuel discounts to thousands of owner-operators and small fleets at hundreds of independent fuel stops. 

How does it work? 

Pick your fuel stop, and at the pump, tap the green button to get your 6-digit fuel code. Your debit or credit card will be linked to your bank account as the payment method.  Show the code to the fuel desk and they will turn on the pump and you can fuel up.  All you need to do is download the app.


Most large chain service stations like AMEST, Casey’s, Road Ranger, Sapp Bros, and more.


Mudflap does not charge any fees and does not require fuel cards.  They also have no credit checks to use, and no contracts required.  You also never have to show or give your bank card at a fuel stop, which adds additional protection to your account.  The fuel code you receive to fill up is good for 24 hours, so if you are staying in one location during that period, you don’t need a new code.


Currently, Mudflap does not offer an option for DEF, but they do plan to add it by the end of the year.  Know the number of your pump when you go in to pay.  The store clerk put in the wrong pump number, and we were charged for a trucker’s fill-up.  Not Mudflap’s fault, but there is room for human error in the process.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is based in Boston, Massachusetts and currently has over 140,000 gas stations they work with in the United States as well as Canada and Australia.  They do provide diesel discounts, so don’t be fooled by the name.

How does it work? 

Once you apply online, they will issue you a card.  The card is linked to your checking account.  You can save up to 25 cents per gallon.  Just swipe your Gas Buddy card and your discount will automatically be applied.  You can look up what your savings will be prior to the pump by searching for a fuel station on their app.  All you need to do is request a free gas card online.


95% of the fuel stations in the US.


Through their app, you can also use GasBack offers, which you can earn through shopping, dining, and parking.  You can save up to 25 cents per gallon at the pump with caveats.  On their website, they do have other gas tools like price maps, charts, vehicle recalls, and a fuel trip cost calculator.


It works at 95% of gas stations, but it doesn’t work at some major ones like Exxon, Mobil, Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and a few others.  They also have a maximum of $75 fill-up per day, which can be really limiting when you drive a diesel.  If you are doing a lot of driving, there is a limit of $300 per week too (which is only $42 per day). 

Gas Buddy seems a little more gas service oriented.  It can also be a little more complicated to get the discounts as you need to activate some discounts before purchase, and you must use them within four hours to claim the offer.  The offer is valid only on the first 50 gallons.  To know the true price will be during activation at the pump.

Fueling up with trucks

At some of these fuel stop options, you will be interacting with trucks at the station, so you should know the etiquette.  You will need to pull around to the fuel pumps where the truckers go, so look for signs that say truck entrance.  Pull in behind a truck or directly into any open pump and insert your card.  You will be prompted at the pump for specific details.  Once you enter those, you can begin pumping.  Rarely will you need to go into the store first unless there is an issue at the pump. 

After your transaction is complete, pull away from the pump leaving room for a trucker to pull in behind you at the pump.  It is perfectly OK to leave your RV and go into the station for restroom break and snacks once you have moved.  Don’t feel rushed, this is a normal process. After you use these apps, you will receive a text or email on the savings you made with your purchase. 

Size Vehicle and Miles Determine Your Savings

Your vehicle size and MPG will determine your savings.

We use a combination of these cards because we may be in small, rural areas where the larger trucking company card isn’t available.  To give you a tiny idea of the amount of savings to be gained, here is our setup:  We drive a diesel dually and pull a 44-foot fifth wheel toy hauler.  We only travel 4-5 hours two days a month, and don’t do a lot of driving in the truck on location because we also have motorcycles

Between these cards, we easily save around $20-80 a month.  Even at the lowest option, we save around $250 a year, average scenario is $600 per year.  If you travel more, your savings will be significant.  If you travel less, well, you still probably saved enough to buy a tire!

By using RV Trip Wizard to plan your trips in detail, you’ll know exactly when and where you will need fuel for your RV or truck. You can also vet those fuel stops with satellite and street view to make sure you can get in and out safely, and back on the road.

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