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The Ultimate Guide to RV Patio Mats & Outdoor Rugs

One of the most overlooked ways to spruce up your outdoor patio area is with a patio mat or outdoor rug. But not anymore! With the wide range of outdoor RV patio mats and rugs available these days, taking your patio from basic to beautiful is easier than ever.

Enjoying the outdoors is perhaps the biggest perk of the RV lifestyle, so why not ensure your patio checks every box on the list of must-haves for an incredible space. Whether you’re looking for a small accent rug or a large statement piece, your choice has the power to drastically transform your outdoor area.

Where to start? With the ultimate guide to patio mats and outdoor rugs, of course.

Where are You Putting Your Patio Mat or Outdoor RV Rug?

Perfect Portable Fire Pit for CouplesImage: Chase & Lindsay

Before deciding the type, size, or design of the outdoor rug you want, you first must decide where to put it. The surface under your rug often determines the other factors. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect patio mat only to discover it won’t work in your intended space.

Here are the three most popular surfaces that outdoor rugs are placed on, along with a few things to keep in mind when choosing your rug.

Grass. While super convenient, placing a rug on a grass surface can trap moisture, leading to mold and mildew over time. Opt for a breathable rug and consider using a temporary flooring of plastic or wood composite between the grass and the rug to serve as a barrier between the two. Also, make a point to hang the rug and allow it to dry completely — especially after a rain shower. Concrete. Similar to grass, concrete is often porous (unless sealed) and can trap moisture underneath an RV outdoor rug, leading to mildew. Choose a breathable material that allows moisture to evaporate and hang your rug periodically to thoroughly dry it out. Wood-stained deck. While wood-stained decks dry fairly quickly after rain, the section underneath an outdoor rug will remain wet longer than the rest of the deck. This leads to uneven fading of the deck stain, as well as mildew growth. Aim for a natural fiber rug that absorbs water and hang your rug to dry often.

What Should Your Outdoor Rug Material Be?

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The best RV patio mats and outdoor rugs are made of long-lasting materials that resist stains, delay fading, and hold up to various weather conditions. Here are a few of the best options:

Polypropylene. One of the most durable and popular options, polypropylene rugs are UV resistant and come in many different patterns and color combinations. This material can handle high moisture and heavy foot traffic, plus it’s super easy to clean and maintain. Polyester. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable material that can stand up to most stains, polyester is a good choice. This material is fade-resistant, affordable, and available in many colors. Jute/Sisal. The natural material of jute or sisal results in a firm, eco-friendly outdoor rug. They’re comfortable underfoot and are biodegradable, but they are prone to fading in direct sunlight and can lead to mold and mildew growth.

What Size Patio Mat or Outdoor Rug is Best?

CGEAR Comfort RV Sand Free Patio MatCGEAR Comfort RV Sand Free Patio Mat

Depending upon the space you have available, the size of your outdoor rug should suit your RV furniture selections and the intended purpose of your patio area.

For example, if you have a large patio and use it primarily as a dining area, your rug should be larger than your table and chairs but not necessarily as large as the patio itself. Consider how you’re using the space and how you want it to feel.

Cozy and quaint? Try using a smaller rug with an outdoor coffee table in the center and enough space for the front legs of all the chairs to fit around it.

Spacious and charming? Try a large rug that covers the majority of your patio and then group your furniture in separate conversational areas.

The possibilities are endless, but regardless of how you choose to use your outdoor patio, there is the perfect RV rug to accommodate your needs.

Inside Out or Outside In?

Lanes Less Traveled FamilyMaking room for a large family in an RV is easier than you think… and super cozy with the additions of blankets and rugs.

We’ve all heard the interior decorating advice of bringing the outside in — rugs count too. Don’t just look at outdoor rugs as an option for your patio. Bring them inside! Outdoor rugs are perfect for indoor use, especially in RVs.

They’re already stain-resistant and long-lasting, so if you see one that would be great inside, grab it and go for it. The opposite, however, is never a good idea. Indoor rugs won’t last outside. If you’re using a mat or rug on your patio, it must be rated for outdoor use.

There’s No Place Like Home… Away from Home

Gulf Stream EnllightenEnjoy family time like never before thanks to the Gulf Stream Enlighten.

Nothing says home like a welcome mat, even if you’re living out of your home away from home. Patio mats and outdoor rugs get all the attention for dressing up a space and making the outdoors feel like an extension of your living room but don’t underestimate the power of a mat with a message.

Smaller RV doormats have a purpose beyond aesthetics. They’re practical, convenient, and help keep the dirt from the campsite out of your RV. No one likes tracking the day’s crumbs into their living space, so having a well-placed mat provides a place to wipe your feet before stepping inside.

Camping World has a wide selection of patio mats, outdoor rugs, and doormats that will turn your outdoor space into your favorite space!

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What do you look for in a patio mat or outdoor rug? Tell us in the comments below.


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