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Enjoy camping in a Sunset Park RV Travel Trailer or Toy Hauler.

Be happy in our travel trailers and toy haulers for more than just one season – affordably. Enjoy your time relaxing, adventure-seeking and traveling. Sunset Park RV helps you experience the pleasure of camping and being with friends, family, and the outdoors.

Our Approach
We want people to be happy with our products for more than just one season – or one trip – because an RV is an investment. People spend their money in order to spend their time relaxing, adventure-seeking and traveling to enjoy the experience of camping and being with friends and family.

Our Story
In 2005, founding owner, Merle Schmucker, started a construction company in Florida when he was just 17 years old. Schmucker specialized in building multi-million-dollar homes that featured domes and other unique architectural features. Two years later, in 2007, Schmucker moved back home to Shipshewana to raise his family and started an RV company. Innovation, quality, and unique construction are just as much a part of his travel trailers as the homes he built more than a decade ago.

In the last 13 years, Schmucker has partnered with his brother, Marlin Schmucker, and industry veteran, Jonathan Yoder, to grow Sunset Park RV and its dealer partners. Through hard work, process improvements, facility improvements, and the addition of key employees, Sunset Park RV stands as one the most consistent-growing independent manufacturers in the RV Industry,

Fast forward to today – this strategic growth has enabled Sunset Park RV to rise to the rank of the 11th largest manufacturer of travel trailers in North America. Sunset Park has dedicated their efforts to produce ultra-lightweight, price-point trailers. Through the effort of their Production and Sales teams, Sunset Park RV offers floor plans, colors, options, and quality in a small travel trailer that the retail buyer is looking for.

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