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Best Beaches and Stunning Sights on the Oregon Coast

Without a doubt, the Oregon coastline is one of the prettiest and most geographically diverse shores in the country. With majestic sea stacks, expansive sand dunes, colorful tide pools and rugged cliffs that dive into the ocean, the entire 363 miles of pristine shoreline stretches from the California border near Brookings, all the way to the mouth of the Columbia River in Astoria. Aptly named “the People’s Coast,” Oregonians and visitors alike can enjoy the entire stretch of Pacific Ocean Coast due to legislation making it public land several decades ago. Starting South and heading north, here are some of the most impressive stops along the way.

Southern Oregon Coast

Samuel Boardman State Scenic Corridor near Brookings @catebattles

Perhaps the most photogenic stretch of shore can be found along the Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor, between the town of Brookings and Gold Beach. Known for its impressive sea stacks, natural arches, and rugged beaches, in this area, you’ll find waterfalls cascading down onto the beach, sea caves lined with anemone and starfish, and best of all, it garners a fraction of the crowds you’ll see up North. Harris Beach State Park is a favorite for camping families. But for those who enjoy a bit more solitude, Lone Ranch Beach and Whales Head are nice alternatives. For those who enjoy hiking, one of the best trails on the coast starts at Whales Head, where the hike leads you past fern blanketed forests, ocean vistas, and a natural bridge at a place named Indian Sands. For those wanting to escape the full sun or cool ocean breeze, Brookings is home to Oregon’s only Redwood groves, which are found along the Chetco and Winchuck Rivers. Additionally, just across the border, you can enjoy the Jedediah Redwoods and the Smith River and take the scenic drive on Howland Hill Road that meanders through the old-growth forest.

Cate and Chad’s Argosy parked at Meyer’s Beach @catebattles

Heading north, the next stop is Gold Beach, the mouth of the wild and scenic Rogue River. In the mid 19th century, gold was discovered in town and prospectors moved to the area in droves. To this day, folks pan for gold on the beach, and rock hounds search for agate and jasper. For those who enjoy fishing, king salmon and Dungeness crab are popular catches in the area. If you forget to bring your gear, you can buy fresh local seafood at the docks or hire a private charter to take you fishing. For a scenic river trip, Jerry’s Rogue Jet Boats offer rides upstream where you’ll traverse through canyons and rapids. Next door to Jerry’s, and adjacent to hwy101, is the moss-covered sunken ship, Mary D. Hume, a steamer built in 1881 that holds the record of the longest-serving vessel of the Pacific Coast.

A colorful Airstream trailer parked on a coastline with sea stacks in background.
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6 Tips for Safeguarding Your RV in Camp

At last, you’ve made the trek to one of your favorite RV parks. You’re all hooked up to the services and ready to enjoy the freedom of camping and the outdoors. During your stay, you hope to take in some of the attractions in the area as well as trying some of the delicious offerings at some of the local eateries. Safeguarding your RV is next on the agenda.

During your absence from camp, your RV will be fine. After all, it is all hooked up to the utilities, and everything is doing what it’s supposed to do. Just lock the door or secure it as needed. Right?

Photo: Peter Mercer

Hold on! There are things that really should be done to safeguard your rig and its belongings while you are gone. Failure to do some of these things can result in a catastrophic event for your vehicle under some unexpected circumstances. So let’s look at some of the items that require checking. These will vary depending on the specific RV type and trim level.

Retract All Awnings

While awnings provide shade, not only for people beneath them, but also help to block direct sun on the vehicle walls, they are greatly affected by wind and wind gusts. A rouge squall on an otherwise fine day can roll through without warning. Severe damage to the awning and RV body can result.

Freshwater system of a motorhome.
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6 Easy RV Hacks to Survive Summer Heat

Hot weather RVing is sometimes impossible to avoid. But my favorite RV hacks to survive summer heat waves can help you get through it. From a sweltering blast of heat in the Colorado Rockies, to a scorching July RVing in the Midwest, this is what I’ve discovered about the best ways to keep cool and enjoy the long, lazy days of summer.

My Favorite RV Hacks to Survive Summer

It seems easy enough to point your RV north to escape summer heat waves. You could also go high-altitude mountain camping, if that’s convenient. But during the last 14 years of fulltime RVing, I’ve found that breaking camp to search for cooler temperatures isn’t always possible. Sure, heatwaves happen, but they tend to disrupt life at the most inconvenient times, like when my RVing pet needs vet care or a family member requires help. Despite occasional hot weather challenges, we’ve learned to keep our tempers cool with these easy RV hacks to survive summer heatwaves.

Heatwave Hack 1: Take Advantage of Shade

Getty Images

If you have the option to orient your RV in any direction, always park in a way that gives you the most shade. For example, a trailer owner should point the rig west to northwest. Campers with motorhomes and vans should point the windshield north. If your RV is like most, with your door and awning on the passenger side, taking advantage of the sun’s movement will give you shade throughout the day (presuming you’re camping in the northern hemisphere). When parking choices are limited, look for a campsite that allows you to face either of those directions. Don’t forget to consult RV park maps before you book a specific site.

Heatwave Hack 2: Don’t Cook (or do it outside)

Photo: John Gibbons

A couple sitting outside of a silver motorhome with grill.
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Connecting With Nimiipuu Culture in the Lewis Clark Valley

Nimiipuu, “the people,” were created in North Central Idaho at the dawn of time, according to tribal legend. French Fur Traders gave them the name Nez Perce when they began trading with the tribe. Today, visitors can view petroglyphs in Hells Canyon dating back more than 12,000 years ago, depicting stories of a time gone by told by the Nez Perce of Lewis Clark Valley.

The Nez Perce saved the lives of the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Expedition, who entered this area hungry and without adequate shelter from the harsh winter. The explorers would likely have suffered a tragic ending if not for the assistance of the Nimiipuu. The tribe provided them food, shelter, and guidance for months while they were stuck here in the region that straddles the border between what is now Idaho and Washington.

Petroglyphs in Hells Canyon. Photo: Lewis Clark Valley

Today, the tribe hosts PowWows and other community events in various locations throughout the year. Tribal enterprises include forest products, limestone quarry operations, two popular casinos, an RV park, convenience stores and the Red Wolf Golf Club. Travelers are welcomed today just as the Nez Perce welcomed the Corps of Discovery Expedition nearly 200 years ago.

Nez Perce Tourism is the warm welcome to Nimiipuu Country, offering the only tours created to connect you to Nimiipuu culture through interactive storytelling, song, drum and dance. From riverbeds to mountain tops, Nez Perce Tourism offers land and water journeys, giving insight into the Nimiipuu way of life, past and present.

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Beer Batter Campsite Pancakes

Pancakes are a camping breakfast staple. They’re easy to make, they last for a few days in the fridge (if you even have any leftover), and are incredibly customizable. And while basic pancake mix is a great standby, sometimes you need to mix it up a bit. And a great way to do that is by swapping out the water or milk for beer! The carbonation in the beer makes pancakes light and fluffy, and the flavor add a little extra zing to the taste.

Photo by Kacey Cribari

These beer pancakes the perfect breakfast meal to eat on their own smothered in syrup, or as a side to bacon and eggs. And like all pancakes, they’re very easy to make. Simply mix together the dry ingredients, add the wet ingredients and the beer, mix everything together, and cook the batter in a pan or on a griddle.

Tips on Ingredients

Since this pancake recipe can be adjusted to fit your tastes, we’ve listed a few optional ingredient suggestions below.

Whipped egg getting poured into bowl of flour
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How To Plan A National Parks Road Trip

Visiting several new national parks is one of the best excuses to get on the road this summer. Unfortunately, you probably aren’t the only one with that idea, which means campgrounds can book up well in advance. Still, there are some tips and tricks you should know if you are learning how to plan a national parks road trip.

Whether it is for this summer or sometime in the future, this guide will help you plan your trip to explore some of America’s most beautiful natural landscapes!

Get A Full National Parks Overview

Grand Canyon National Park. Photo: Sam Loyd/Unsplash

When I began planning my recent national parks road trip, I started by pulling up a map of all the national parks in the U.S. This gave me a solid idea of which parks might be within range and I used the map to make a list of parks that I could hit on my ideal road trip route.

Set Your Timeline

Our road trips are typically going to be constrained by some sort of responsibilities that we must either complete before we leave or that require our attention shortly after we return (or both!). So it’s helpful to understand just how long you can be away.

A lone hiker appears tiny against towering rock arches.
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Discover Crystal River, Florida: The Manatee Capital of the World

Home of the Manatee

Crystal River and Florida’s Citrus County, located on the Gulf of Mexico, are an easy drive from Orlando and Tampa yet a world away from Florida’s busy theme parks and beaches. This is Florida in its natural state and nothing quite defines the natural wonders of Florida like the manatee. Crystal River and Homosassa are among the only places in the world where you can swim with manatees in their natural habitat.

More manatees gather in the waters of Crystal River and nearby Homosassa than anywhere else in Florida, giving it the name The Manatee Capital of the World. As many as 1,000 manatees — one-sixth of Florida’s manatee population–shelter in the 73°F (23°C) clear springs here each winter.

Swim with Manatee Tours and “Dry” tours—tours where you don’t get in the water–get you close to these amazing mammals on water while Three Sisters Springs Refuge and Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park provide an amazing up-close view from land.

Photo: Discover Crystal River Florida

Diving for Scallops

In summer, the delectable Florida bay scallop draws hungry visitors to the Big Bend region of Florida to dive for scallops living in shallow water seagrass beds just offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

A silver water tower rises above a town.
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9 Not-So-Spooky Ghost Towns You Should Visit Out West

The second half of the 19th century marked a huge influx of people moving West. With dreams of getting rich, miners and investors alike flocked to the Western states  to seek their fortunes while towns and mining settlements popped up overnight. When the mines dried up, the towns were abandoned and faded into obscurity. Throughout the West, you’ll find the remnants of these “Boom and Bust” towns scattered around the countryside, some found right off the road while others may require a hike or bumpy ride into the mountains. Though the towns might be long abandoned, their rich history continues to tell a tale.

Sprucemont, Nevada

Frankie the goat explores an old cabin at Sprucemont. Photo Credit: Cate Battles

Situated in Northeastern Nevada, the Spruce Mountain Complex, was a mining district that flourished during the last half of the 19th century. Within the complex, you’ll find the mining camp of Sprucemont, perhaps the best-preserved ghost town in Elko County, with numerous buildings, ore chutes, and mines dating back over 150 years ago. The scenic drive to Sprucemont starts about 40 miles south of Wells as the road winds its way up the mountain, offering fantastic views of the Humboldt Range, Ruby Mountain Wilderness, and the Clover Valley below.

Dating back to 1869, when lead-silver ore was discovered at the Latham mine, prospectors began flocking to the area with dreams of striking big. Within a few months, around one hundred miners were working claims on the western and eastern slopes of Spruce Mountain and several new mines were erected. A year later, the different mining districts were consolidated into one district called the Spruce Mountain Complex. In 1930, low lead prices caused many of these mining companies to fold, and several mines stopped production. Though 1945 was the biggest yielding year for Spruce Mountain, all serious mining ended by 1952 and the land was taken over by the BLM.

When you visit today, the gravel road to the first town of Sprucemont is in excellent condition and provides several great boondocking opportunities along the way. Further up the rough road, high clearance vehicles or ATVs are needed to get to Monarch Mine, or you can choose to hike.

Building interior of ghost town Bodie, California
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35 New Good Sam Parks Expand Your Camping Horizons

Ready to get back on the highway for summer? Good Sam has added 35 new parks to its network for RVers eager to jump into the camping life. Good Sam members can save big with the 10 percent discount, and while you’re exploring, discover all of the RV parks in the Good Sam Network.

If you’re not a member, joining is simple: Purchase a membership at any Good Sam Park, or sign up online. Check each park’s link to determine seasonal availability and to make reservations.


Sleepy Holler Campground, Jasper

This friendly park sits about 30 miles from Birmingham and 60 miles from Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide. Seventy-five full-hookup sites, many with 50-amp power, ensure comfort.


CT RV Resort, Benson

Camp within striking distance of Kartchner Caverns, Tucson, Bisbee and Cochise Stronghold. Enjoy the pool, rec hall and self-service RV wash.

Antelope Point Marina RV Park, Page

Photo: Antelope Point Marina Point RV Park

Back on the Highway for Summer — Skyline of a beautiful modern city.
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Camping and Watersports: The Perfect Summer Combo

Torn between camping in the woods and crashing into some waves this season? Spend your summer doing both, and have the best of both worlds!

Want to go hiking and wakeboarding on the same trip? We’ve got you covered. Traverse the American landscape this summer and visit cragged mountain terrains, beautiful seascapes, and lush forests by the lakeshore. Here we list 8 outdoor activities to do when you combine camping and watersports: The perfect summer combo is right at your fingertips.


After a long and hard year, it’s finally summer. Ease into the backcountry and embrace the wilderness through these outdoor activities.


Point Reyes Beach North, Inverness, CA. Photo Credit: Unsplash, Kitera Dent

Camping is not complete without this classic outdoor activity. Explore the wilderness while setting your own pace, taking in your surroundings, and enjoying the tranquility of the woods.

Woman rock climbing at Joshua Tree National Park.
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11 Epic Ecotourism Adventures in North America

Return to the road in a big way. Embark on an ecotourism adventure to see nature in its most raw form, from sprawling wetlands to towering trees. The following wild spots will make you forget about the past year’s Zoom calls, lockdowns and mask mandates.

Eco-tours are available in the locations below, giving visitors a chance to learn about spectacular flora and fauna that have to be seen to be believed.

Denali National Park, Alaska

A bear in Denali National Park. Photo: OrnaW/Pixabay

Denali National Park is home to North America’s highest mountain, Denali, which stands 20,310 feet above sea level. But you don’t have to climb the peak to get an appreciation for the six-million-acre park. Denali harbors some of Alaska’s most iconic wildlife, including grizzly and black bears, caribou, wolves and moose. Even though roads are limited in the park, tourists are bound to see some of these creatures roaming the rugged terrain. Visitors can see animals from a bus tour or take the designated bike trail between the Nenana River and Denali Visitor Center. Observe park warnings about wildlife near bike trails.

Stay: Cantwell RV Park, located a half-hour south of the entrance to Denali National Park, is close to berry picking, hiking, fishing and water excursions.

A rock arch and spire rise out of the ocean's surface.
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The Northwest’s Best Kept Wine Secret: Lewis-Clark Valley AVA

Lewis-Clark Valley AVA is home to 2020 Pacific Northwest Winery of the Year as well as 2020 Idaho Winery of the Year. Wine judges are consistently ranking Lewis-Clark Valley wines among the best of the best in northwest competitions and beyond. Lewis-Clark Valley gained a lot of notoriety over these past years for our wine, landing us on the map as a go-to destination for wine lovers.

The Lewis-Clark Valley is the first and only wine region to be nestled in the unique mountainous backbone of the Bitterroot Mountains. With steep river canyons and plateaus, it is home to the lowest elevation vineyards in the state at 950 feet. It’s also unique in that it spans both Idaho and Washington. Nearly 72 percent of the land is in Idaho, while the rest lies in Washington State. The area is home to 16 vineyards growing more than 80 acres of grapes, including 14 red and 9 white wine grape varieties.

Photo: Jill Wellington

Wine Frontiers

This region is considered part of the new frontier of wine-growing areas in the United States. But the region actually has a long wine history. Grapes were introduced into the Clearwater Valley in 1872. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of two Frenchmen, Louis Delsol and Robert Schleicher, and one German immigrant, Jacob Schaefer, the region rapidly become known for its wines.

Learn about our area and its rich wine history by booking a wine tour with Twisted Vine Wine Tours. Customize your winery and vineyard tour for groups of 2 to 7 people. Your guide, Clint Hoiland, will take you to each location while narrating the rich history of the Lewis Clark Valley along the way.

Dark purple grapes ripening on the vine.
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The Beginners Guide to Canal Fishing in Florida

Whether you’re a Florida native or you’ve only traveled there a few times, one thing you can’t help but notice is the advanced canal system that runs through all the cities and towns dotted across Florida.

This state is known for some of the best fishing in the world but what a lot of anglers don’t realize is that you don’t need to charter a huge fishing boat at sea to take in some awesome fishing. A lot of the best fishing happens in these canals and the goal of this guide is to teach you how to fish the canals, where to go, and what to expect when you’re there.

Best Canal Fishing in Florida

Here are some of the best canals you’ll want to plan a trip around.

Tamiami Canal

Construction of the Tamiami Trail Modifications Project was completed in December 2013. Photo Credit: Jenn Miller, USACE, Flickr

This canal rests right in the center of Miami-Dade County in southeast Florida. It drains eastward and provides 27 miles of accessible canals by boat and shore. There are also plenty of small lakes throughout those miles.

Everglades water way on a rainy afternoon
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Mark My Words June: Sticky Sap and ‘Battery Disconnect’

Hi all! Hope your summer of RVing is off to a great start! This month we’ve got some questions on common RV problems. Remember to send your RVing questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Howdy Mark,
What product can I use to remove “sap” from my rubber roof and travel trailer?
Thank you,

Hi Frank,
This is a common problem, and the rubber roof complicates it a bit as you should not use petroleum solvents on it. You can always use a cleaning product designed for rubber roofs, like Thetford’s Rubber Roof Cleaner & Conditioner, but there are some other possible solutions. Folks report good results using rubbing alcohol (or drinking alcohol), and some folks have successfully used Goo-Gone, but I would suggest caution as it is powerful stuff! You may think I’m a loony when I tell you that mayonnaise is very effective on tree sap. Really! I read about it somewhere years ago, tried it, and was amazed at how well it works. It will dissolve tree sap on skin, clothing, auto paint and even on rubber roofs. Spread it on, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe off. Then clean the area with soapy water to remove the residue.

Photo: Frantisek Krejci

Hi Mark,
What is the best way to flush out the galley tank and the grey-water tank? For the black tank, you can pour water down the toilet. Do you do the grey water and galley the same way? It would take a while to fill the two tanks that way.

A pari of gray house batteries for an RV.
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Grande Prairie: Fun for the Whole Family

While the downtown core of Grande Prairie is bursting with fantastic urban adventures, there’s a lot to do beyond the central streets of this beautiful city. With the Grande Plan, come explore the excellent shops, strolls and sports of the South Bear Creek neighborhood. There’s both indoor and outdoor fun for the whole family, so pick your favorites from the list and get ready for an unforgettable time together!

A great place to start is at the Bear Paw Par 3 Golf Course & RV Park, which is a perfect excuse to practice your short-game skills while still spending quality time with the family. It features a shortened 9-hole golf course that’s suitable for kids, and great for sinking those long-distance putts. After polishing up your game, kick back for some relaxation at your campsite. The Bear Paw Campground is the perfect site to explore this area!

Bike Skills Park

Nearby in South Bear Creek is the Bike Skills Park. If you have an aspiring mountain biker or BMX rider in the family, this is a place for them to practice their wheelies, balance and descents before tackling the real thing on a bigger scale. Nothing builds confidence like getting better at something that was once difficult.

Wild duck with chicks in Muscoseepi Park Grande Prairie, Alberta.

A mother duck leads two ducklings across a pond reflecting the sky.
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3 Western Brewery Towns With Unbeatable Craft Beer Scenes

Every good road trip starts with a theme. If you’re a fan of craft beer and cool small towns, brew up your next RV adventure to these three awesome brewery towns in the west. Each of these western craft beer destinations has scenery and vibe unlike anywhere else, and they’re all home to some of the tastiest craft beers in the country. Here are my three favorite beer town getaways with convenient RV camping.

Eureka, California

My old hometown not only has several award-winning craft breweries but also lies in a region with such ideal summer weather that locals call it “The Santa Barbara of the North.” When everywhere else is baking in scorching hot temperatures, the cool, salty ocean breeze in Eureka and surrounding Humboldt County makes it one of the best brewery destinations in the west. Point your rig to Arcata, where RVs of any size can make Mad River Rapids RV Park home base. This oceanside resort is where we kicked off our full-time RVing adventures, and it makes a perfect spot to begin your North Coast brewery adventures. For the most authentic taste of Humboldt, add these three brewery destinations to your Humboldt County itinerary:


• Get a feel for the local lifestyle at Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, one of the U.S.’s first certified organic breweries and also founded by one of the first female brewmasters in the nation, Barbara Groom. Hang out and get to know locals in the downtown Eureka restaurant, then take a free Lost Coast Brewery tour just down the road.

• Roll south on US Highway 101 to Eel River Brewery in Fortuna. Situated more inland than Eureka, it’s where you’ll find sunnier skies and many RVers’ favorite Riverwalk RV Park and Campground, located within walking distance of the brewery’s award-winning certified organic beer. Grab a bite from the pub menu that features steaks and burgers made from the brewery’s ranch operation. They take “locally made” to an all-new level, by raising Black Angus beef cows on diets of organic sweet alfalfa and brewery malt grown on the Eel River Brewery’s land.

A ice-cold beer poured from a tap into a glass.
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8 Great Father’s Day Gifts for a Camping Dad

This Father’s Day (June 20), treat the dad in your life like he’s a camping VIP. Give him a gift that satisfies his craving for comfort, or consider an item that takes him out of his comfort zone and into new outdoor experiences.

Every camping dad is different. What do you give the dad who took you on your very first camping trip? What about that cagey father-in-law who’s nearly impossible to buy for? If you’re stumped about what to give pops, check out the gifts below for inspiration. 

Each of the following will help improve his RVing and glamping experience. Help Dad achieve true camping VIP status. 


King WiFi Max. Photo courtesy of Camping World

You wouldn’t deprive your dad of his favorite streaming content, would you? KING WiFi Max helps campers stay connected by providing a gateway between all your web-enabled devices and the local Wi-Fi source. The compact design requires no installation and the device can be set up in less than a minute. There’s no monthly service fee or contract, and no impact on bandwidth speed. Watch the big game with confidence at the campsite or set it up at the tailgate party so you can catch the pregame show. Don’t be vexed by weak Wi-Fi sources that thwart your ability to watch what you want. 

Barbecue Caddy
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Tips for Renting an RV This Summer Vacation

We can’t think of a better way to spend the summer than to hit the road and explore the outdoors after months of home isolation. Whether a minimalist camper that is searching for a small campsite in the mountains or a glamper that prefers parking your RV at parks with plenty of amenities, it’s easy to find your ideal outdoor destination and the right rig!

Summer is just around the corner as the U.S. is getting back to regular operations, and people are extra antsy. More than ever, it’s important to get as many useful tips for renting an RV this summer, especially with some campgrounds still complying to social distancing and sanitation orders.

Renting an RV this summer vacation

Large companies have said that this can be a unique way to experience the outdoors. Bookings have surged at large rental sites.

Booking a rental

Rental agencies might require you to be over 21 years old and have held your driver’s license for at least two years. Other than that, you can legally rent and drive a motorhome in the United States.

Book in advance. Booking one day before the scheduled trip will not impress the agencies. A lot of people are scrambling to book for one on the spot, and it takes a lot of preparation for packing up. Not to mention, you must consider inspecting and familiarizing yourself with the vehicle before heading out.

Family Bunkhouse with powerful solar power
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SLO CAL’s Highway 1 is Best Seen by RV

There’s nothing like the iconic Highway 1 road trip, especially when you do it by camper. Whether you know it as PCH or Highway 1, the scenic route snakes along undiscovered beaches, rolling green hills and quaint communities in SLO CAL. This bucket-list journey can’t be made in one day so don’t miss out and plan your multi-day stop in SLO CAL to see it all.

Photo: Visit SLO CAL

While you drive through Ragged Point, take time to enjoy the stunning coastal views and listen to the waves crashing below. As you head south, you’ll find the beaches occupied by a SLO CAL favorite, elephant seals. These mighty animals claim the beaches of San Simeon. The elephant seal viewing area has plenty of parking, accommodating vehicles of all sizes, no matter your RV’s size.

Next, it’s time to set up camp. There’s an array of coastal RV Parks waiting for you to check-in. Morro Strand RV Park has sites ranging from 20×30 all the way up to 40×70 to best accommodate whatever your needs may be. Enjoy fire pits and BBQs with Morro Rock standing tall as a backdrop. Forget the firewood? There is also a convenient general store onsite, stocked with all your needs to make your stay as stress-free as possible.


A kayaker paddles out of a cave and into the open ocean.
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5 Must See RV Destinations in the American South

In honor of American diversity, travel down to the South to immerse yourself in the cultural melting pot that offers so much heritage and history. The beauty of a road trip not only lies in the destination, but also the journey. In this list, we’ve included beautiful drives to 5 must-see RV destinations in the American South.

Overseas Highway – Florida Keys

Seven Mile bridge of Overseas Highway between Florida Keys. Photo Credit: Getty Images, Tashka

Down the Overseas Highway, you can revel in the marine monuments like shipwrecks, coral and limestone islands, and seascapes sequestered by palm trees and mangroves under the setting sun.

For a more tropical travel trip, the Overseas Highway will take you to your dream destination, which is rivaled only by the drive to get there, with a stunning 113-mile series of roads and bridges connecting the mainland to the southernmost point, Key West.

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park Beach, Key West. Photo Credit: Unsplash, Braden Egli

Sailboat at sunset at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park Beach, Key West
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