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5 Big Snags You Might Hit on Your First RV Outing

Something is bound to go wrong on your first RV outing. When you are on vacation and ready to relax, it may be stressful to discover a blown tire or broken appliance; however, most RVers will tell you this is an expected part of RV travel. The good news is there are steps you can take to prepare for your first (or next) RV outing—and any problems that may arise.

Here are five problems you might encounter while RVing and tips for preventing or handling them:


1) Fridge Foods Aren’t Cool Enough

Problem: You get to your campsite, turn on the fridge, and head out to buy groceries. You expect to find a cool fridge when you return, but instead, it seems as hot as it was when you left.

Preparation: On our first trip, I couldn’t tell if the fridge was working at all since I couldn’t hear any sounds. I later learned that RV refrigerators operate differently from home ones, and it’s normal not to hear similar noises.

Man dealing with tire blowout in the rain.
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RV Legends - Wally Byam

Wally Byam (1896-1962) was an influential figure in the world of recreational vehicles (RVs) and the founder of Airstream, a renowned manufacturer of travel trailers. Byam's vision and innovative designs revolutionized the RV industry and continue to be celebrated by RV enthusiasts today. Byam's passion for travel and adventure led him to create Ai...

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3 Incredible Deals on Pop-Up Campers for 2023

A pop-up camper is a unique style of camper that is easy to steal when it’s not in use and expands to provide plenty of space at the campground. This is an excellent option if you are used to tent camping and want to upgrade your experience. Additionally, it’s excellent for anyone who is looking for something easy to tow. We will show you three incredible deals on pop-up campers for 2023.

Find more deals on pop-up campers when you shop at

Coachmen RV Clipper Camping Trailers 108ST Sport

The Coachman Clipper Camping Trailers 108ST Sport folding pop-up camper on sale today is an excellent option for first-time RV years. This unit sleeps up to six and features two queen-bed tents with insulated bunks. There’s exterior storage to ensure you can bring along all of your camping equipment, and you’ll love the Rv features an optional bathroom package.

Additional Features:

Queen Tent End BedsHeated MattressesGauchoExterior StorageOutside ShowerTake home this Coachman Clipper Camping Trailers 108ST Sport folding pop-up camper today.

Forest River RV Rockwood Freedom Series 1640LTD

The Forest River Rockwood Freedom Series 1640LTD pop-up camper is a great way to explore your must-see camping destinations. This unit features a carrier range. That makes it easy to cook around the campfire. Additionally, there’s a 7-foot awning to provide you with plenty of shade no matter where you stay. You’ll love that the two bed tents make it easy to get a great night’s sleep for you and your family.

Additional Features:

Coachmen, clipper, camping trailers, pop-up camper main image
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How Much Wind is Too Much for Your RV?

Owners of motorhomes and large trailers have likely experienced the challenge of driving in high, gusty winds. Add passing semi-trucks and cars, and your trip can soon turn into what could only be described as a white-knuckle drive. Driving an RV in high winds is a formidable challenge and one you shouldn’t take lightly.

When should you not drive an RV in wind?

While unlikely, driving an RV in high winds puts your trailer or motorhome at risk of tipping. And failure to stop driving when winds get too intense can compromise your safety and those in your RV.

Not all wind or turbulence requires you to pull over. So, how much wind is too much? This depends on the rig design and specific configurations of your RV. Factors such as vehicle weight, departure angle (distance from the rear axle center to the rear bumper), weight distribution, body height, presence of steering aids, correct alignment specifications, and even tire pressure can all affect vehicle handling in high winds. Driver skill and experience also come into play when assessing a safe speed.

Generally, if you feel uncomfortable while operating in strong winds, slow down to the minimum legal speed, providing you don’t impede traffic. When wind speeds rise into the 40-50 MPH range, it’s likely a good idea to pull over, regardless of how fast you drive. If feel uncomfortable with the wind effect at the lower speed, consider stopping at the next suitable place and sit it out. Your RV is for relaxing enjoyment, not stress. Being an RV owner that is late to the next destination is far better than being the “Late RV Owner.”

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RV & Camping News – May 30th

This week in the Good Sam camping news spotlight, we’re taking a look at growing trends within the RV and outdoor community as more and more people opt to save money by renting and vacationing in a motorhome.

Outdoor activities are on the rise (for the third year in a row)

For the third year in a row, research would suggest that more and more people are camping and hiking.

A recent study from Winnebago found that 97% of Americans are planning on getting outside to enjoy nature in some capacity, with listed activities including road trips, RVing, hiking, and camping, just to name a few. 

This number is up 2% from the previous year and seems to be closely linked with economic uncertainty as well as an increased value in mental health. 52% of surveyed participants shared that increased outdoor activity was a reaction to stress, while 26% are looking to cut down on expenses.

This is undoubtedly good news for the RV industry, considering more than 70% of the participants are considering an RV for travel as opposed to flights, rental cars, or hotels. This trend was also validated by a recent KOA report finding that 47% of RVers surveyed suggested that recent frustrations with air travel have also been a catalyst for pivoting to a vacation on the road.

A three-generation family near a motorhome.
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The Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway, also known as the Alaska-Canada Highway or ALCAN Highway, is a historic and scenic road that connects Dawson Creek in British Columbia, Canada, to Delta Junction in Alaska, United States. Here's some information about the Alaska Highway: Route and Distance: The Alaska Highway spans approximately 2,200 kilometers (1,370 miles) fr...

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Top 10 Travel Trailers for 2023

No matter where you plan to go taking a travel trailer to the campground is an easy way to get to your dream destinations. These easy-to-tow RVs are fitted with lightweight builds and luxury amenities to keep you comfortable anywhere. We will look at the top 10 travel trailers for 2023 below.

Find more deals on RVs when you shop at

Jayco Jay Flight 212QB

Our first stop is the Jayco Jay Flight 212 QB travel trailer. This RV features a jackknife sofa and sleeping for up to four. You’ll love that the 16-foot power awning gives you plenty of shade to relax under and that the Magnum Truss roof system paired with the integrated A-frame gives you a sturdy build you can rely on.

Additional Features:

Jack-Knife SofaBooth DinettePantryTub/ShowerExterior StorageTake home this Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer today.

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 200MK

Another deal you won’t want to miss is the Grand Design Transcend Xplor 200MK travel trailer. This incredible RV features a 32-inch LED TV to make movie nights at the campground easy. Additionally, you’ll love that this is a pet-friendly camper with a pet drawer to keep your furry friend’s food tucked away when it’s not in use. The U-shaped dinette gives you plenty of seating space and folds to create a bed for the kids.

Additional Features:

Jayco Jay Flight main image
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Best Summer Road-trip Films

Few things feel like summer, quite like taking a vacation or going to the movies. There’s something about the open road that just feels healing, and there’s something about a silver screen and popcorn that just feels right. 

Now, every so often, something magical happens, and we’re treated to a perfect combination of summer pastimes, culminating in a genre that stands alone: road-trip films. 

Stories about cooped-up families, reluctant companions, or cavalcades of muppets seem to resonate with all of us, validating the joys and stresses of our own cross-country adventures – almost as if we’re watching a movie about ourselves.

So, to celebrate the start of the summer season and to help spark some inspiration of what to do (or not do) on your next trip, we’ve put together our list of the all-time best road-trip movies. 

Best summer road-trip films

‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’

Alright, so technically, this isn’t a summer road-trip movie, considering it’s one of the few films set during Thanksgiving, but it’s still the all-time best buddy adventure film. Steve Martin and John Candy were a match made in Heaven, and the jokes still land over 30 years later.

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What’s the expected life of an RV tire?

Before you venture out on your next cross-country road trip it’s important to take stock of your RV’s tires. Unlike your typical car tire, motorhome tires are carrying tens of thousands of pounds, and will therefore require a slightly different approach.

How long will RV tires last? When should you replace an RV’s tire? How do you extend the life of your tires? 

To help keep you safe and on the road longer, here’s a quick overview of how long RV tires last and how to get the most out of them.

How long do RV tires last?

Let’s get down the brass tacks. Depending on the size and mileage accrued, a well-maintained RV tire should last you around four or five years. With that, you should be able to squeeze out between 10,000 and 15,000 miles for smaller RV tires, and potentially upwards of 30,000 for larger vehicles. 

Understanding your RV’s tires

Now, there are still a lot of variables when it comes to the overall health of your tire, and just because it’s within the recommended mileage doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive on. So, let’s get a little more granular and look at the different types of RV tires and compare their lifespans.

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Your 2023 Summer Outdoor Reading List

This summer at the campsite, find time between hikes, sightseeing, and kayak voyages to sit down with a book or two sure to inspire the adventure. 
Whether you’re planning the next trip, living out a vicarious adventure, or immersing yourself in nature writing, we’ve compiled a short reading list for anyone who hasn’t already bought and bookmarked their summer reads.

For kids

Kids’ books are perfect additions to your travel checklist. Whether for rainy-day backup plans or bedtime stories, check out these outdoor-themed books just for the little ones. 

The Hike, by Allison Farrell 

Hardie Grant Publishing

Perfect for kindergartners and preschoolers, The Hike is a colorful, fun, exploratory read that opens a world of possibilities for young readers. It features interesting vocab words that detail and specify unique outdoor plants, animals, and features, with my favorites being the fairy ring mushroom mention and barred owl feature.

Consider purchasing a sketchbook in addition to The Hike, as the main character Wren shares her drawings and notes from their journey in the book itself, which may inspire your little ones to sketch themselves. 

Becoming A Good Creature by Sy Montgomery, Illustrations by Rebecca Green

Image courtesy of Sy Montgomery

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Comparing the Depreciation of RVs and Cars

Unlike a house or savvy investment, when it comes to buying a car or RV, depreciation is inevitable. Every year newer models with sleek updates decrease the value of those from the previous year – making any sort of a return on investment well near impossible.

But how much will your vehicle depreciate in value? What factors directly correlate with the loss of your car or RV’s value? And most importantly, how can you get the most value out of your car or RV?

To help you navigate purchasing your next vehicle, here’s a breakdown of depreciation and how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your car or RV.

How fast do RVs and cars depreciate?

It’s no secret that vehicles lose their value quickly. In fact, almost immediately.

A brand-new car or RV will lose about 10% of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. From there, it will ultimately depreciate somewhere around 20% within the first year and will continue to lose about 15% annually for the next four or five years.

Snow covered RV
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6 2023 Fifth Wheels for Family Vacations

Whether you’re planning your next family vacation or ventures for years to come, the fifth wheels for sale at or an excellent place to start. Learn more about these 2023 fifth wheels for family vacations below. Below, we will show you six of our favorite floorplans on sale today so that you can get out to the campground with your family.

The Grand Design Reflection is an excellent option for your next adventure.

Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 226RK

Take on this Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 226RK fifth wheel today for just $69,000. This unit sleeps up to four and features a rear kitchen design with plenty of counter space. Additionally, I love the 40-inch LED HDTV that’s perfect for family movie nights at the campground.

Additional Features:

Shoe StorageRear KitchenFront Private Bedroom10 Cu. Ft. RefrigeratorHeated Pass-Through StorageRoof Mounted Solar PanelThis kitchen gives you plenty of counter space and stainless steel appliances.

Alliance RV Avenue 22ML

The Alliance Avenue 22ML fifth wheel on sale today gives you sleeping for four and features a large light out in the living room with dual recliners. This unit also features a U-shaped dinette with an overhead entertainment center. Save over $17,000 when you order today.

Additional Features:

Grand Design Reflection fifth wheel main image
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Luxury RV Brands

 There are several luxury RV brands that cater to those seeking high-end and luxurious recreational vehicles. Here are some notable luxury RV brands: Airstream: Airstream is an iconic brand known for its sleek, silver aluminum travel trailers. Their luxury models offer upscale features, modern interiors, and high-quality craftsmanship.Newmar: ...

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RV Overhead Clearance Issues

Negotiating tight turns in busy urban environments with large RVs can challenge the best of drivers. Navigating narrow roads lined with parked cars and turning wide enough to avoid striking the curb or other hazards — it requires your full attention, every time. The driving stress level fades as we leave the populated areas for the open highways of the country. Here, the RV is less confined, and the length has little restriction apart from finding a place to pull over. However, motorhomes and fifth wheel trailers have another important caution: overall height and vehicle weight.

RV weight and height

Weight — given you are on a well-traveled road — is usually not a significant issue for RVers, as most bridges will be adequate in carrying capacity for most RVs. Height, however, is a different matter. Low overhead bridges, power lines, tree branches, service location canopies, or like-structures must be observed and correctly assessed to be compatible with your RV’s height. Failure to do so leads to costly and dangerous accidents, a leading claim for many insurance providers.

Unlike objects on the roadway that are quickly steered around, overhead clearances are often not even noticed. Most GPS navigation systems direct you in the most direct route, regardless of overhead clearances or weight restrictions. In fact, many clearance accident incidents have been while following a GPS guidance system, even in buses and semi’s. More RV-specific GPS systems and GPS apps take into account certain restricted roads and highways due to low overpasses. However, these generally don’t account for low tree branches, electrical wires, service canopies, or other similar structures.

Unknown clearances

Regardless of listed heights shown on bridges etc., you will be held at fault in the event of a collision, and it won’t always be a straightforward situation. Raised resurfaced roads and natural bridge sagging may change the actual listed clearance, and you need to account for that margin of error. Overhead canopies found at many fuel stations or similar services can vary in height, and you should expect anywhere from as high as 14’ down to 8’ or less. Striking any overhead structure can result in personal injury or even a fatal event. So know the exact height of your RV to best prepare for these clearances.

How to prevent clearance incidents

The Good Sam Insurance Agency cites height clearance as one of the most common damage claims from their customers, and they note the importance of measuring the height of your RV and still allotting an additional six inches to play it safe.

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Fireworks and Festivals in America’s Mid-Atlantic Region

Watch fireworks burst over places where America’s formative history unfolded.

From Annapolis Harbor in Maryland to Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, America’s Mid-Atlantic region is dotted with historic destinations that played pivotal roles in the early days of the U.S.

The locals here know how to throw big Independence Day parties on July 4, complete with star-spangled parades and cutting-edge pyrotechnics.

Beyond the Fourth, you’ll find plenty of ways to have a good time, and we’ve listed a slew of local Good Sam Parks that welcome RV travelers. So buckle up and make the Mid-Atlantic your July vacation destination.


Delaware Legislative Hall in Dover on July 4.

Fireworks illuminate Colonial-era building.
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Is Costco Membership Worth It? 12 Ways of Saving Money at Costco

“Is Costco membership worth it?” Well, the answer is different depending on who you ask and how they use their membership. Joe and I have ... Read more

10 Good Sam Campgrounds Under $45 A Night

Just because you’re camping on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. There are, in fact, hundreds of highly-rated Good Sam parks offering overnight stays for less than $45 a night – meaning you can have incredible vacations without breaking the bank. Here’s a quick list to help you plan an economical getaway.

Campgrounds under $45 a night

Wanderlust RV Park

Eureka Springs, AR

Wanderlust has been voted a top 5 Arkansas park by a number of organizations, including Trip Savvy and the Northwestern Arkansas Travel Guide. Once you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why. Set in the Ozark Mountains, they offer sites with beautiful views, a pool, a pavilion (with a large Bar-B-Q pit), and a convenient trolley stop that heads downtown.


Blake Ranch RV Park

Kingman, AZ

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Your Southern Utah RV Itinerary

Load up the RV and venture to a land of serene and breathtaking beauty. Bryce Canyon Country in southern Utah is a paradise filled with two national parks, three state parks, one national monument, and one national forest. Encounter the towering Ponderosa pines, be impressed by the majestic red-rock hoodoos, or experience the magnificent colors of a sunset resting across the sky.

As you plan your next road trip, make time to venture through Bryce Canyon Country. This destination is perfect for adventurers, foodies, and anyone searching for a relaxing getaway.

Thors Hammer in Bryce Canyon National Park at sunrise. Getty Images

Here’s how to make your time in Bryce Canyon Country unforgettable:

For the Adventurers

With hundreds of beautiful sights scattered throughout Bryce Canyon Country, you’ll never run out of things to do. Hike through the spectacular hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park or discover the less well-known trails of Red Canyon. Explore the excavated Ancestral Puebloan village at Anasazi State Park or sit under the night sky of Kodachrome Basin State Park. Visit Escalante Petrified Forest State Park and see the red, yellow, white, and black petrified wood. Venture out to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and hike to incredible rock formations like Grosvenor Arch or stunning waterfalls like Calf Creek Falls.

A highway winds through a rocky landscape.
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15 Outstanding RV Parks to Celebrate Fourth of July

Summer is made for camping, and the Fourth of July is especially perfect for some good old-fashioned camping fun. Independence Day is a time when America’s hard-working men and women take time to bask in the summer sun and celebrate the nation’s freedoms. We scoured the country for some of the most spectacular Independence Day celebrations.

Alaska — Celebrate the Fourth in the Last Frontier

Eagle’s Rest RV Park & Cabins, Valdez, AK – Take in the pristine Prince William Sound and misty towering waterfalls atop the majestic peaks. Every July, the friendly folks at Eagle’s Rest RV Park & Cabins host a massive celebration that includes a fish fry.

While you’re there, explore Valdez! With mountains rising to over 5,000 feet and abundant waterfalls, the scenic vistas can be overwhelming. Here are just a few things to enjoy in this outdoor paradise.

Drive Richardson Highway & visit the breathtaking Worthington Glacier. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hiking trails: With some of the tallest coastal mountain peaks in the world, you will likely spot some wildlife and on a nice day, kite surfers catching the wind and ocean waves. And where else can you strap on a pair of crampons and stroll upon the blue ice of Worthington Glacier? Guided hikes are offered daily from June 10 until September 10th through Pangaea Adventures.White water rafting: The Lowe River through Keystone Canyon offers exciting rapids, massive waterfalls and magnificent canyon views.

Valdez’s only land-route to the Alaskan interior, the Lowe River through Keystone Canyon offers an exciting whitewater rafting trip. Photo Courtesy of Keystone Canyon Rafting

California – Watch Fireworks Burst Over the Beach

2. Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina, Newport Beach, CA –  Along with their annual Independence Day on the Back Bay, Newport also hosts their Tunes at the Dunes summer concert series – eclipsing 4th of July weekend.

Raft full of people white water rafting down Alaskan river with trees in background
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3 Easy Camping Recipes for Spring

Building a perfect camping menu for your next trip to the campground is a great way to ensure you get enough food for your crew. Keep them ready for adventure by planning your meals ahead of time to ensure everyone takes time during the day to recharge. These delicious camping recipes for spring are the perfect start to a great week at the campground!

Campfire Caprese Brie

This light, delicious lunch is packed with nutrients and flavors. It’s the ideal thing to make for a busy group that doesn’t want to sit still for long! 


1 1/2 c. cherry tomatoes3 cloves garlic, minced1/3 c. extra-virgin olive oilKosher saltFreshly ground black pepperPinch red pepper flakes1 wheel of brieBalsamic glaze, for drizzling¼ c. fresh basil leaves1 baguette, sliced, for serving


Wash and dry your tomatoes and basil, and peel the garlic cloves.Slice the tomatoes in half and mince the garlic. In a large bowl, toss the cherry tomatoes and garlic with olive oil, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes to taste. Over your fire, place a cast iron skillet to heat. Once it’s hot, add the brie to the center and top with the tomatoes. Melt over the fire until the brie is gooey, around 20 minutes. The brie might not ooze unless you poke it with a fork or knife, but it will still be gooey and delicious on the inside. While the cheese melts, thinly slice the basil leaves and the baguette. Serve the brie topped with a drizzle of balsamic glaze and the shredded basil. Dip your baguettes into the mix or scoop it out of the cast iron to top your slices. 

Hot Ham & Swiss Croissants

Another quick and easy lunch, this meal is perfect for picky-eaters or a last-minute lunch before you hit the trails. 


Recipe adapted from one on

2 tbsp Dijon Mustard1 tbsp honey1 tbsp brown sugar4 croissants8 slices swiss cheesetap herePound deli ham, your choice of flavor


In a small bowl, combine the mustard, honey, and brown sugar until thoroughly blended. Split the croissants with a knife and coat both of the interior sides of the croissant thoroughly. Add the sliced ham to desired thickness and top with swiss cheese. Close the sandwich and wrap it in foil. Repeat for each croissant. From here, you can place these sandwiches in the fridge or a cooler until you’re ready to heat them, or put them straight into a 350-degree oven for 10-15 minutes!Serve warm!

Shrimp Boil

This dinner is sure to bring everyone back to the campsite smiling and ready to eat! A shrimp boil is also a fun way to spend some time together as a family. Just cover your picnic table with a clean tablecloth and dump the cooked ingredients in the center when you’re ready to eat! Make sure you have plenty of napkins handy!

Campfire for cooking
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