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Command Cord Bundlers


Using Command Cord Bundlers in your RV can help you manage and organize cables, cords, and other items. Here's how you can use them effectively:

  1. Select a Suitable Surface:
    • Identify the area in your RV where you want to organize cords. This could be behind the TV, near charging stations, or any other location where cords tend to get tangled.
  2. Clean the Surface:
    • Clean the chosen surface with rubbing alcohol to ensure that it's free from dust and grease. This helps the Command Cord Bundlers adhere securely.
  3. Attach the Command Cord Bundlers:
    • Remove the adhesive backing from the Command Cord Bundlers and press them firmly onto the cleaned surface. Hold each bundler in place for about 30 seconds to ensure proper adhesion.
  4. Wait for Adhesive to Set:
    • Allow the adhesive to set for some time before using the Cord Bundlers. Follow the instructions on the Command product for the recommended waiting period.
  5. Bundle and Organize Cords:
    • Insert your cords into the Cord Bundlers. You can organize charging cables, HDMI cords, or any other cables that tend to clutter your space.
  6. Adjust and Reapply:
    • If you need to adjust the placement of the Cord Bundlers or remove them, they are designed to be easily repositioned without damaging surfaces.
  7. Additional Cord Management:
    • For longer cords, use additional Cord Bundlers as needed. You can create neat bundles and keep cords from tangling.
  8. Consider Cable Clips:
    • In addition to Command Cord Bundlers, consider using cable clips for smaller cords or for securing cords along specific paths.
  • Use Multiple Cord Bundlers: Depending on the number of cords you have, you may need to use multiple Cord Bundlers to keep everything organized.
  • Choose the Right Size: Command Cord Bundlers come in different sizes, so choose the appropriate size for the cords you want to manage.
  • Remove Without Damage: One of the advantages of Command products is that they can be removed without damaging surfaces. Follow the removal instructions to avoid any issues.
  • Regularly Review and Adjust: As your cord setup changes, regularly review and adjust the Cord Bundlers to accommodate new cables or changes in your RV setup.

By using Command Cord Bundlers, you can effectively manage and organize cords in your RV, reducing clutter and making your space more visually appealing. 

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