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Will There Be Major Fuel Shortages This Summer?

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Are there fuel shortages in the US? Photo: Shutterstock

Are There Fuel Shortages In The US?

By now, RV owners are well aware of the massive spikes in fuel costs over the past 6 months. Whether your rig runs on diesel or gas, prices at the pump have been shocking to say the least.

According to AAA gas prices on May 22, the national average price for gasoline is $4.59/gallon, while the average cost of diesel is $5.56/gallon. A year ago, the average price of gas was $3.04/gallon, and diesel was $3.18/gallon. RVers need to fasten their seatbelts and hold onto their hats because low supplies and high demand is going to push prices up even more over summer.   

Fuel shortages in Washington State

According to The New York Post, gas stations in Kennewick, Pasco, and West Richland ran out of gasoline in May 2022. Auburn’s 76 gas stations are programming their signboards and pumps for double-digit prices.

However, a representative of 76 said this does not necessarily mean gas prices will go over $10/gallon for regular and premium gas. Gas prices in Washington are currently around $5.18, so a jump to $10/gallon anytime soon would truly be shocking.  

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Here’s What Remote Work Looks Like Today

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Remote Work Has Moved From Sticks And Bricks To The RV

If you’re an RV enthusiast, the allure of remote work is likely very high on your list, and with good reason. What could be better than taking your office with you wherever you go? Today, the phrase work from home has rapidly morphed into remote work because with an RV, you don’t have to be “home” to do it.

Remote work tips from an expert

With so many remote work options these days, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. That’s when getting expert advice comes in handy.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the best remote work options for RVers. Additionally, we interviewed Camille Attell—a full-time RVer since 2016, founder of the RV blog www.morethanawheelin.com and remote work expert, and asked her to share her research and insights.

Buckle up because we are going to have some fun exploring your remote work journey!

Do you have to be a digital nomad to work remotely?

There are a few things to consider before you start your remote work journey. The first consideration is whether or not you want to be a digital nomad. This term gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean?

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The Best Port Isabel RV Parks & Campgrounds

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Where To Go Camping In Port Isabel, Texas

Port Isabel is one of the most popular destinations along the Texas coastline. It’s a beautiful area where visitors can enjoy sand, sun, and waves. As such, it has attracted many campers and RVers over the years, and there are a variety of Port Isabel RV parks and campgrounds to stay at.

Port Isabel is a pretty small area, so only a few parks sit right within the city itself. If you’re looking for a good place to stay within this region, check out the list of parks below. All of them are within 25 miles of Port Isabel (if not closer), so you’ll be well within striking distance of the beach if you stay at any of them. You can learn more about all of these locations and find more great RV campgrounds on RV LIFE Campgrounds or while planning your trip with the RV LIFE App.

The ocean is calling, so let’s check out some places to set up camp!

The best Port Isabel RV parks

Long Island Village

Location: 33772 S Garcia, Port Isabel, Texas 78578Website: longislandvillage.comRV LIFE Campgrounds: 8.0/10 average rating


If you’d like to stay right in the heart of Port Isabel itself, consider booking a stay at Long Island Village. This park has a lot of full-time residents because anyone can buy lots here. It’s great for visitors as well, and there are several amenities and features that make people want to live here year-round. 

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9 Tips For Dealing With Highway Traffic In Your RV

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How To Deal With Highway Traffic In Your RV 

Driving an RV in heavy highway traffic can be very stressful. As much as we may not like it, we’re going to run into highway traffic at some point in our RV life. 

While we may not be able to avoid highway traffic in our RVs, there are things we can do to increase our own safety and the safety of others until we can get out of it. We researched to find the best tips to help you deal with highway traffic in your RV. 

 1. Plan your trip to avoid highway traffic.

Plan your route with RV LIFE Trip Wizard and the RV LIFE App so you’ll know exactly where you are going. Google Maps can also advise you on how to avoid highway traffic. However, whenever using Google Maps in your RV, you should always double-check the satellite view of the map. Google has sent more than a few RV travellers down roads that were definitely not designed for RV travel. RV LIFE Trip Wizard will always show you RV-friendly routes, wherever you are headed. 

2. Be well rested when you start driving.

It’s a lot harder to deal with the nuances of crazy highway traffic when you are tired. Make a point of getting a good night’s sleep before you leave on your trip so you’ll be alert and ready to react to changes in the environment on the road.  

3. Choose routes and travel times that are less busy.

There are usually alternate routes that are less busy than the main routes through an area. However, backroads are not always RV-friendly, so it is important to use an RV trip planner to make sure you’re on a safe route. 

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Is RV Group Camping Right For You?

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The Pros And Cons Of Group Camping 

Group camping can be a fun way to spend time with friends, family, and colleagues. Some people have found that it’s a great way for them to have fun and bond, while others think it is crowded, overwhelming, and not worth the money. Both experiences can be true, so it’s important to explore the pros and cons of group camping. 

Many people have gone camping with their families or friends in the past, but as you add more people into the mix, there’s more potential for fun and disaster. Preparation is always important, but there are some commons pros and cons that are worth remembering.

If you’re interested in group camping, we’re here to educate you about what it is and why people do it. There are lots of positive aspects of the experiences, but there are negative ones as well. Many of the aspects we’ll discuss below will vary depending on the specific campground/campsite you’re using. These are generalizations, but they are good guidelines that will help you determine if group camping is a good option for you.

What is group camping?

First off, let’s give a quick explanation about what group camping is. The name is pretty self explanatory, but it’s a practice that’s becoming more widespread and popular nowadays. Group camping means that a group of people (usually 10 or more) reserve a specific site/sites within a campground and spend the majority of their time together.

Resources might be pooled during this time as well. Sometimes this practice is used for company retreats, family reunions, or just for groups of friends who want to spend time together.

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The 14 Worst RV Mistakes You Can Make As A Beginner

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Practicing with the new RV in a large parking lot will help you avoid many RV mistakes.

Avoid Making These RV Mistakes As A Newbie

Everyone starts out as a new RV owner. No one is born an expert. RVing is absolutely achievable, but there are some preventable RV mistakes you can avoid before getting into the lifestyle.

Mistake #1: Not having a checklist

There are many steps in setting up your RV once parked, as well as similar (but different) steps to get back out on the road.  

Many RV social media groups offer checklists that you can utilize. These are good starting points, but every RV is different, and every lifestyle is different. Perhaps you are a solo traveler or maybe you have a cohort with you to assist. Determining all the things that need to be completed before takeoff is key so you don’t make a costly mistake. 

Are the antennas down? Did you get your surge protector from the power box? Did you ensure the landing jacks are fully retracted? Build and refine your checklist until you are confident in your setup and teardown to ensure your financial and physical safety.

Use apps like RV Life Trip Wizard for route planning
RV in campsite surrounded by trees
person working on RV
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Go Camping At Lake Of The Ozarks State Park

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Visit The Lake of the Ozarks State Park Campground

State parks are wonderful areas to camp and explore. Missouri is home to Lake of the Ozarks State Park, which grants access to one of the state’s largest lakes. Campers love this area for its pristine woods, peaceful setting, and close proximity to nature. 

There are plenty of luxury resorts for RVers to visit, but Lake of the Ozarks State Park is a bit more simplistic than that. The campgrounds are comfortable and well-maintained, but you won’t find a pool or day spa here. However, if you’re a fan of old-fashioned camping, you’ll be right at home. 

This doesn’t mean that the campground is bare, though! There are plenty of comforts and conveniences available to those who stay here. Learn more about Lake of the Ozarks State Park and maybe you’ll want to put it on your list of places to go

Camping at Lake Of The Ozarks State Park

Lake of the Ozarks is a long branching reservoir that actually resembles a twisting river. When you stay at this park, you’ll be located in a U-shaped park between a bend in the lake. This grants you easy access to the water. 

This park is open for camping year-round. Missouri can get pretty cold in the winter, though, so be prepared for that if you want to stay here during the off-season. The primary season for campers spans from April-October, while the off-season is from November-March. Rates are slightly cheaper if you camp here during the off-season. Reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance. 

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How To Get Tree Sap Off Your RV Awning

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RV Awning Maintenance: How To Clean Off Tree Sap

RV awnings bring shade everywhere you go, but they’re exposed to some pretty rough conditions. Between the forces of wind, rain, pollen, bugs, dirt, and tree sap, these awnings need to be cleaned from time to time. 

Most debris can be removed fairly easily, but tree sap is one of the hardest substances to deal with. It’s very sticky and can seep into the fibers of an RV awning. Plus, if it isn’t dealt with quickly, tree sap can dry and turn hard. Average cleaners aren’t usually up to the task, so you need a plan of attack when it comes to getting tree sap off your awnings. 

We’re here to help you do just that! Even though a sticky and dirty awning might look intimidating, there’s a pretty simple process you can follow to get it cleaned up. Below we have a step-by-step guide to help you remove stubborn sap from your beloved RV. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to work. 

Gather supplies and lower awning

First things first—you need to prepare yourself for the cleaning process. Gather all your cleaning supplies and get the awning in a suitable position. In most cases, this includes extending the awning fully and lowering it so it sits at an angle to the rest of the RV.

Some good cleaning supplies for this project include:

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Why Wait To Go RVing In Retirement? 8 Reasons To Hit The Road Now

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Why wait to go RVing in retirement? Working remotely is nice, especially with a great view!

Don’t Wait To Go RVing In Retirement: 8 Reasons To Hit The Road Now

As a child growing up, I spent a lot of time attending weddings and funerals (my father was a minister). I always saw the stark contrast between those starting off on the rest of their life together and those whose lives always ended too soon. There were always things on their bucket list that they meant to do when they retired.

We are all bound by time and money. Sometimes we have the money and not the time, or we have the time and not the money. Or we have neither. On that special occasion when we have both, great things can happen. The nice thing about RVing is you don’t have to have a lot of either to get started, and you don’t have to wait to go RVing in retirement.

No matter where you are at in life, you must cover the basics. You need a roof over your head, you must pay utilities, and you need food and water. Why not in an RV?

Usually, it is the daily job that interferes or the fear of change. Here are 8 very good reasons to figure out how to overcome obstacles and go RVing now!

view from the passenger's seat in an RV
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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In Your RV

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Are There Fruit Flies In Your RV? Here’s How To Get Rid Of Them

Many kinds of pests find a way to stow away in RVs. Although the larger ones like mice and spiders are easy to identify, sometimes the little bugs are the hardest to get rid of.

Fruit flies are often found in RVs, along with sewer/drain flies. These insects are small, but they can be annoying and unsanitary guests. 

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to reduce these flies or remove them entirely. Large purges can be effective, but it’s best to develop good cleaning and maintenance habits so they don’t get out of control.

Below, we have several options for RVers who want to get rid of fruit flies and other small insects. Some might work better for your situation than others, so consider all of your options!

Maintain a clean kitchen

The first thing you can do to discourage fruit flies is keep your RV clean. It’s good to do this for many reasons, but fruit flies are another example of why it’s important. Just do simple activities like wipe down counters, clean up spills, and take out the trash on a regular basis. 

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Camp On The California Coast At The Port San Luis RV Campground

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RV Camping At The Port San Luis RV Campground  

The California coast is a gorgeous place to visit and it’s a popular destination for RVers. There are tons of parks and resorts in this area to explore, but the Port San Luis RV Campground is one of the highly rated ones on the Central Coast. You can camp right by the beach and enjoy direct access to the sand.

This campground has RV spots for boondocking as well as ones with full hookups. Tent camping is also permitted here. This may not be a luxury resort, but it does have a rugged, natural feeling that’s perfect for beach lovers. We’ll explore everything this park has to offer in the breakdown below. As you read, maybe you’ll find that the Port San Luis RV Campground will work itself into your travel plans this summer. 


The Port San Luis RV Campground is located at 3950 Avila Beach Dr, Port San LuisCA 93424. The park is open year-round, but reservation availability varies depending on the time of year.

This campground is fairly small, so you can enjoy a more personal experience without getting crowded by huge groups. There are 32 RV sites total, but only 8 offer full hookups. The others are set up for dry camping or dry trailer boat camping. If you have a boat, you’ll need to view the campground’s specific instructions on their website. There are a few important ins and outs to keep in mind!

The current nightly rates are $70 for dry camping and $90 for RV sites with full hookups. When you book your reservation, you must pay a $10 nonrefundable reservation fee. So, even if you change your mind, you won’t get this fee back. All visitors must make reservations before arriving, as this campground doesn’t accept walk-ins. You can make your reservations online at portsanluis.com.

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7 RV Security Alarm Systems Under $300

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Protect Your RV With These RV Security Alarm Systems

An RV is an expensive piece of equipment! For something this valuable, you’ll want to protect it with a great RV security alarm system. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options on the market. Some are quite expensive, but there are a lot of options that cost $300 or less. Some RV security alarm systems are even in the $20-$50 range.

Of course, with such a wide range of price points, you’ll get varying performance and features from these systems. Sometimes it’s best to pay a little more, but sometimes you can find a good system for a cheap price. We’ll explore several RV security alarm systems below and give an overview of their pros and cons. 

RV security system features  

Before we dive in, let’s quickly cover a checklist of important security system features. If your system is too basic, it won’t provide proper protection. On the other hand, there is such a thing as too many bells and whistles! A good security system should include things like:

CamerasMotion sensorsAn audible alarm Entry sensorsNight visionA panic button to contact police, firefighters, etc.

Some systems combine these features (such as a night vision camera that includes motion sensors), but all are important parts of an effective defense. You can also use simple systems to complement each other. For example, if you already have cameras in place, you can choose a simple system of entry sensors/alarms.

A lot of the budget-friendly options below are only sensors, so you can use them if you just want a basic level of protection. Although there are always more fancy systems to choose, any type of alert helps!

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10 Best Places To Go RVing And Birdwatching

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10 Great Destinations For RVing And Birdwatching

Birdwatching (or birding) is a hobby that many outdoor lovers enjoy. It’s a great way to get some fresh air, explore nature, and watch birds in their natural habitat. Some people challenge themselves to see as many species as possible, while others just like to go out and see what they can see. 

Birdwatching and RVing go hand in hand, making it the perfect hobby for anyone who loves to travel. As you explore more states, parks, and climates, you increase your chances of spotting something new. There are plenty of birdwatching destinations that are close to RV parks. We’ll cover 10 great options below; however, you can find even more great RV parks on RV LIFE Campground Reviews or while planning your trip with RV LIFE Trip Wizard. Make sure you pack a good pair of binoculars!

1. Tombstone, Arizona

Arizona is a great place for birdwatching! Tombstone is fairly remote and surrounded by beautifully-preserved habitats. You can spot many species out in the desert, but this area is also close to a lush riparian conservation area. Of course, it’s never guaranteed that you’ll spot anything, but this area is home to the cactus wren, Gila woodpecker, Anna’s hummingbird, hooded oriole, and much more.

A good RV park nearby is the Tombstone RV Park and Campground. The RV sites have full hookups and you can also rent a cabin or go tent camping. 

2. Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is one of the most popular places for birdwatching on the East Coast. If you love sea birds, this is the place to find them. The combination of salt marshes, freshwater rivers, and open ocean draws birds every season of the year.

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The 7 Best Portable RV Generators

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The Jackery Solar Generator. Photo via RV LIFE

What Are The Best Portable RV Generators?

Generators are essential accessories for RVs. They can be used to power appliances when you’re boondocking and help keep your batteries charged.

A good portable generator is an important addition to your gear. Luckily, there are a ton of fantastic portable RV generators on the market. These generators vary in size, wattage, volts, and price, but each of them is ideal for a different purpose. Some people need a low-budget option, while others need a generator that can provide a huge amount of power. There are even generators that can connect to solar panels so you can tap the power of the sun!

Below, we’ll explore 7 portable RV generators in detail. These have been chosen due to their high ratings and positive customer reviews. Some are more expensive than others, but there should be options to fit everyone’s budget.

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The Best RV Coffee Maker Might Be…Not Having One

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Sponsored by Wildland Coffee

Great Coffee Without the RV Coffee Maker

I hate my RV coffee maker. Mind you, I love what comes out of it. In fact 66% of Americans agree…we love coffee. We love the way it smells, the way it tastes, and the way it clears a foggy head in the morning. Come evening time, we love the way it brings us together for conversation, or takes that over-sweet edge off your favorite slice of cheesecake. But that RV coffee maker…ugh!

The Problem With an RV Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a wonderful device when you are at home. For RVers, there are a few issues that aren’t quite so easy to deal with, often leading them to find alternatives.


With RVers, everything is about space. Even in my big diesel pusher, counter space can’t be taken for granted. Sure, I have plenty of room for an RV coffee maker…until I want to cook. When mealtime comes and I have to fire up the induction cooktop, I have to ‘Tetris’ my way around the counter top, moving the Keurig around and rearranging everything so I can open the cooktop cover.

I can’t imagine how folks with smaller campers manage to find a fulltime space for their coffee maker. If you store it, then you can of course bring it out when needed, which can be a bit of a pain for those quick overnight stays enroute to your favorite destination. Of equal concern for RVs of all sizes is the rattling and bouncing that occur when traveling. You can vibrate that coffee machine right off the counter, or easily break the carafe.

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10 New York State Campgrounds & RV Parks

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Arrowhead Marina & RV Park. Photo: RV LIFE Campground Reviews

The Best New York State Campgrounds  

New York is best known for its huge bustling cities, but there is plenty of natural beauty to this state as well! There are tons of great parks, resorts, and campgrounds across the state, and many of them have been highly rated by visitors.

If you’re interested in touring through this lovely state, check out our following list of New York state campgrounds & RV parks. Everyone is sure to find a good fit somewhere on this list. These parks are highly rated on RV LIFE Campground Reviews and have been popular with visitors. If one place doesn’t speak to you, another one is sure to fit the bill. You can find more great New York campgrounds while planning your route with RV LIFE Trip Wizard and the RV LIFE App.

Let’s explore some of the great options to be found in New York.

1. Swan Bay Resort

Location: 43615 NY (State Route) 12, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607Website: swaybayresort.comRV LIFE Campground Reviews: 9.1 average rating


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The Best Portable Smokers For RV Life

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Kamado Joe KJ13RH Joe Jr. 13.5 inch Portable Charcoal Grill. Photo via Amazon

What Are The Best Portable Smokers?

Everyone enjoys some barbecue and smoked meats from time to time. If you travel in an RV, you don’t have to give up this cooking method! However, no one wants to lug around a huge smoker or grill everywhere they go. That’s why there are fantastic portable smokers that are easy to take on RV trips. 

This is a competitive market. and there are lots of brands vying for the top spot. Smokers come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, so you have a lot of options to choose from. Below we have 8 portable smokers that are worth a look. Some may work better for your needs than others, so be sure to carefully compare the features of each one.

What is a smoker?

A smoker is a piece of equipment that is used to cook and imbue meat with a smokey flavor. It’s similar to a traditional grill, but smoke is the primary difference. The heat source usually heats up a tray of wood chips, which produces aromatic smoke. The smoke then rises and surrounds the meat. Thus the meat is cooked and seasoned at the same time. 

There are a few different types of smokers, but the basic mechanics remain the same throughout them all. A few of the most common types include charcoal smokers, pellet smokers, propane smokers, electric smokers, stovetop smokers, and kamado smokers. Some of these forms have been used for hundreds of years!

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How To Find Full Time RVing Jobs That Pay Well

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Photo: Istock

Full-Time RVing Jobs: How To Find Work On The Road

Are you ready to take the leap to full time RVing, but you’re not ready to retire? The good news is that there are plenty of jobs that pay well for full time RVers.

The pandemic made many jobs into remote work, which can easily be done anywhere there is access to a WiFi connection. There are also many employers that are looking for full time seasonal employees who pay their workers very well. Full-time RVing jobs are out there, but how do you find one that works for you?

First, you’ll need to decide what type of work you’d like to do. Will you need to update or upgrade your education? For instance, being an RV inspector can be a great paying mobile job, and RV inspectors are in high demand, but you’ll need to get certification from an NRVIA-approved school first.  If this is something you are interested in, check out the National RV Inspectors Association website here for upcoming classes.  

It’s worth knowing that it doesn’t cost as much to full-time in your RV as it does to live in a house, so most people who full-time RV are able to live on considerably less than it usually costs to live in a more traditional home. 

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What Length RV Should I Buy?

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What Is The Best RV Length?

The RV industry is full of options for potential buyers. This can make buying an RV more difficult for the undecided.

Once you decide on buying an RV, there will be some important questions about the RV you will be searching for.

The type of RV will likely be first; do you want a Class A, Class C, travel trailer, or a fifth wheel? The price will be another determining factor, as will floor plans and preferred manufacturers.

With all these questions to answer, it is important to have decided on one other very important factor: what length RV should I buy?

Safety and legal considerations

Before deciding on what length RV you should buy, there are some considerations. It’s easy to say you want a 40-foot RV for the space, but is this actually the RV that you should buy?

Small travel trailer parked in a small campsite - feature image for what length RV should I buy?
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The Best Smoky Mountain RV Parks And Campgrounds

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Photo via Wikimedia.org.

Top-Rated Smoky Mountain RV Parks And Campgrounds

These Smoky Mountain RV parks and campgrounds provide the perfect home base while exploring the area. You can find more great destinations with a quick search on RV LIFE Campground Reviews or while planning your route with RV LIFE Trip Wizard.

1. Smoky Mountain Premier RV Resort – Cosby, TN

This RV park is relatively new to the area, but it provides many amenities in a beautiful setting in Cosby, TN. Set on 16 acres, and just across the road from Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Smoky Mountain Premier Resort offers full hook-up sites and can accommodate large rigs. Along with spacious sites, the park offers a pool with a sun deck, horse shoes, playground, golf cart rentals, fitness room, and a store with everything from snacks to RV accessories.

Within just 20 minutes of the park, you will find Dollywood Theme Park and Dolly’s Splash Country Water Park as well as rafting, tubing, shopping, live music and shows, Ripley’s Aquarium, zip lining, fishing, and more. Take a bike or rafting trip, or just slow down and enjoy the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains.


Class A motorhome on gravel site surrounded by trees
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