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How RV Travel Helps Kids Become Global Citizens
Camping World
Ever since our kids were tiny, it’s been important to us to raise them to be global citizens. When our oldest was only 4 months old, we set off on a trip to southern Africa, visiting 5 countries over the next 5 weeks. It was an incredible adventure and set a precedent of learning about other customs, cultures, and peoples. Since then, we’ve loved t
Visiting the Atlantic Coast in an RV
Camping World
Fourteen states claim their own section of Atlantic coastline. In the US, that’s over 95,000 miles of shoreline, from the tip of Florida up to the border of Maine and Canada—a lot of coastline to see. So let’s take a closer look at the southern states and their unique coastal cultures. You might be thinking ‘A beach is a beach– what makes the Atlan
3 Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool During Summer
Good Sam Camping Blog
RVing with pets during a heatwave isn’t the most fun way to explore the country, but sometimes you just can’t get away from the swelter. When Mother Nature catches up with us during the summer season, these three easy ways to keep RVing pets cool will help you keep them safe wherever you roam. When the heat hits Our first canine co-pilot was a cool
Easy RV Interior Lighting Updates
Camping World
Who doesn’t love an easy update? And, even more so, who doesn’t love an easy update that delivers a huge improvement? Want a “wow,” effect with little effort? Look to interior lighting to transform your RV living space. Let’s look at how to set the mood with lighting and give your RV’s interior an update. RV Interior Lighting One of the best, and e
RV Travel vs. Traditional Vacations
Owning an RV can be an expensive investment, but when you consider the costs of what most of us spend on traditional vacations, is it that big of a difference? We’ll take a look at what the average family spends on vacations per year and compare it to the costs of owning an RV and traveling with your RV. Don’t miss this breakdown of the costs and b
Outfitting A Roadschool Classroom: The Back-to-School Supplies You Need in your RV

Camping World
So you’ve decided to hit the road and travel the country in an RV with your family–that is such an amazing, life-changing, and positive decision! So many memories are to be found while exploring new territory with your family. While a lifelong vacation may sound like a great concept, we all know that just isn’t reality. For most people, work goes o
RV Pro Tips: 10 Tips For Roadschooling Your Kids While RVing Full Time
Camping World
Roadschooling is now a growing trend among families. You may have recently heard the term but you aren’t quite sure what it is. As a mom who homeschools while traveling, I’m excited to share everything I know about roadschooling including what it is and how to do it. What Is Roadschooling? Roadschooling is basically homeschooling on the road. Livin
Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing: Best Spots for Paddling and Pulling in the Big Ones
Good Sam Camping Blog
Gulf Coast kayak fishing is an experience unlike any other. While the gulf waters can be fished from the shores of Texas all the way to the southern tip of Florida, we are going to focus on fishing opportunities off the west coast of Florida in this guide. What Fish Live Off The Gulf Coast? Species can differ slightly depending on where exactly you
6 Reasons to Try Camping for Your Next Girls’ Trip
Good Sam Camping Blog
Exhausted from work and home? We feel you! There is nothing quite like a vacation to help you out. Consider camping for your next getaway with the girls! Wherever you may be, with great company there will always be full of adventures. We listed down 6 reasons to try camping for your next girls’ trip, and why. Making memories to look back on Photo C
Celebrate National Day of the Cowboy with some Cowboy Caviar
Good Sam Camping Blog
Cowboy caviar is one of those dishes that always seems to be a crowd pleaser. The dip called cowboy caviar, or Texas Caviar as it’s also known, came from Texas in the 1940s, and is a favorite dish for potlucks, barbecues, and camping get togethers! There’s no actual caviar in this recipe, instead crunchy corn, fresh bell peppers, smooth avocados, a
Summer Fun at 8 New Good Sam Parks
Good Sam Camping Blog
Make it a summer to remember. For July, Good Sam has added eight new parks to its network for more great camping experiences and value on the road. Good Sam members can enjoy the 10 percent discount at any of the RV parks in the Good Sam Network. Not a member? Joining is easy. Buy a membership at any Good Sam Park, or sign up online. Check each Goo
Camping 101: Beginner Backpacking Guide
Good Sam Camping Blog
Backpacking can be a risky undertaking, especially when doing it for the first time. Many people find this journey appealing because of the peace and quiet it delivers, the mental relaxation it gives, a chance to get away from the noisy city, and more. Backpacking for beginners may be risky, but it is challenging in the best sense. With just the ri
8 Unbelievable Golf Course Campgrounds
Camping World
Oftentimes when something seems too good to be true, it’s because it is. But, when it comes to golf course campgrounds across the United States (and one slightly beyond), the unbelievable is right in front of your eyes once you step foot on the fairway. Don’t just take my word for it, instead take a little trip through the greatest greens and campg
Beginner’s Guide to Tent Maintenance
Good Sam Camping Blog
Tents withstand extreme weather and resist natural elements, but they can still be broken beyond repair due to unchecked wears and tears. Just because you’re roughing it, doesn’t mean you won’t be taking care of your camping gear. Knowing how to maintain and repair the tent will help it last longer. We’ve put together this beginner’s guide to tent
5 Tips to Get Away from the National Park Crowds
Good Sam Camping Blog
Planning a camping trip is quite a challenge in itself, especially if you want to escape the crowds. During peak season, you may think this is one impossible task. Most people eye the summer months to escape to America’s national parks and embrace the peace and quiet the wilderness offers. But with hordes of people who want the same thing, this may