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The 6 Best Topwater Frogs for Hot Summer Fishing
Good Sam Camping Blog
When it comes to bass fishing in the muck and mud, it’s hard to beat a topwater frog. These are usually weedless lures that glide right through the pads and weed beds creating the perfect presentation to entice a bass out of hiding. Whenever I’m fishing heavily vegetated water along the shoreline, these are the lures I turn to. The Top Picks Here’s
Find it. Tag it. Win it. In Bryce Canyon Country
Good Sam Camping Blog
Are you searching for a road trip adventure that features the red rock desert, towering Ponderosa pines, miles of hiking trails and the ultimate rock climbing playground? Filled with shapely rocks, uncovered ancient history and a sky known for its twinkling stars, make Bryce Canyon Country your next destination. From now, until Labor Day Weekend, t
The Best National Parks for Families
Camping World
The United States is filled with incredible natural spaces that have been protected as public lands for all to enjoy. I know as someone who didn’t grow up visiting national parks, though, it can feel a bit overwhelming to know what to do and which ones to visit. While these national treasures are set aside for everyone, we’re still working on equit
How to Hike at Any Age
Camping World
Of all the activities that RVers can take part in, few are as rewarding as hiking. But as we visit with those we meet across the country in campgrounds, rallies, and camping meetups, we are amazed at how many RVers—especially older ones—are not hikers. Some think it’s too challenging, too strenuous, needing too much-specialized equipment. Surprisin
5 Toy Hauler Travel Trailers for Your Next Adventure
Seek adventure no matter where you find yourself when you travel with a toy hauler travel trailer in tow.  These incredible RVs feature lightweight designs with large garage spaces to allow you the space you need to bring your favorite outdoor toys.  Learn about five of the top toy hauler travel trailers on sale today. Find more Forest River Cherok
Harvest Hosts Review – Overnight RV Camping at Wineries, Farms and More
Harvest Hosts Review What is Harvest Hosts? Harvest Hosts is an RV membership program that offers a different kind of RV camping experience. Instead of ... Read more
From NASCAR to Bonnaroo: 5 Incredible Events Made Better When You Travel by RV
Camping World
The country’s best events are back, and it’s about time. We’ve all been locked up or locked down for months, and it’s glorious to get out in the fresh air again. So glorious in fact, why hold back? You’re ready to soak it in and make up for all that lost time, ready to turn events into experiences. Gather the friends and get back out there, because
Mark My Words July: RV Air Conditioning and Electrical Issues
Good Sam Camping Blog
Hi Mark My Words readers! This month, we’ve got questions on RV air conditioning and electrical issues. Remember to send your RVing questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Mark:I have a Winnebago motorhome with a Coleman ducted-roof AC. We have condensation leaking into the coach. My inspection reveals no freeze-up on the evaporator coil, and a temperature
7 Diesel Class A Motorhomes for Luxurious Travel
Give your family the gift of adventure when you travel in one of the diesel class A motorhomes available at a dealer near you!  Browse your class A diesel motorhomes for sale on RVing Planet by your favorite brand, manufacturer, or features you love.  We’ll show you seven incredible deals ongoing now so that you can find the perfect class A motorho
Visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains in an RV
Camping World
The Black Hills appear ominous and ancient; the Rockies dramatic and rugged. But the Blue Ridge Mountains give off a gentler look – romantic, charming, and eternally poetic. For this reason, the mountain range is approachable, even to beginner RVers. In fact, the Blue Ridge Mountains are a top RV destination. This particular mountain range, and the
Best Beaches and Stunning Sights on the Oregon Coast
Good Sam Camping Blog
Without a doubt, the Oregon coastline is one of the prettiest and most geographically diverse shores in the country. With majestic sea stacks, expansive sand dunes, colorful tide pools and rugged cliffs that dive into the ocean, the entire 363 miles of pristine shoreline stretches from the California border near Brookings, all the way to the mouth
Tips and Tricks for Safely Hiking in the Summer
Camping World
One of the most popular activities for RV travelers is hiking. What better way to get out and enjoy nature than to hit the trails? To ensure a safe and fun time, be sure to take precautions against some of the dangers of summer hiking. “What kind of dangers are out there,” you ask? While they may vary depending on the specific trail, the concerns a
How To Have a Healthy RV Trip
Camping World
RVing is amazing, but just like any other type of traveling, it can throw you off your healthy living game. It makes sense really: you’re out of your routines and distracted by the adventure. Plus, ‘vacation-mindset’ can creep in, letting you slack off on your healthy choices– after all, you’re on vacation! But it really is possible to have a great
6 Tips for Safeguarding Your RV in Camp
Good Sam Camping Blog
At last, you’ve made the trek to one of your favorite RV parks. You’re all hooked up to the services and ready to enjoy the freedom of camping and the outdoors. During your stay, you hope to take in some of the attractions in the area as well as trying some of the delicious offerings at some of the local eateries. Safeguarding your RV is next on th
Roadschooling 101: What to Know About Homeschooling on the Road
Camping World
Taking your family on the road in an RV is one of the best ways to have a safe and fun vacation, or it can be one of the most rewarding ways of living your life. However, being out on the road for extended periods of time can come with certain challenges. One of the most important is how to get your kids the schooling they need. Homeschooling while