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RVing Photographer: An Interview with Savannah Cummins
Camping World
Welcome Savannah, and thank you for sharing your story with Camping World. Q. Savannah, you’re a full-time photographer that travels in a van—Can you describe your travel style in five words or less!
Ask an Expert: Maintain Your RV
Camping World
Let’s face it, there’s really no such thing as “maintenance-free.” Everything needs a little routine care in order to work and perform at its peak, and that includes your motorhome, trailer, or fifth
Rincon Parkway Beachfront RV Camping in Ventura California
One of our favorites Ventura Beach camping spots is Rincon Parkway on Old Pacific Coast Highway. This campground offers beachfront RV camping in Ventura, California ... Read more
Visiting the Rocky Mountains in an RV
Camping World
Affectionately known simply as “The Rockies,” this wild, rugged mountain range defines and divides the continental US. Stretching more than 3,000 miles, from Canada down to New Mexico, the Rockies ser
9 Tips for RVing in the Mountains
Camping World
At 6,684 feet, the highest point in the eastern US is Mount Mitchell, in North Carolina. Idaho, where I live, has several peaks over 12,000 feet. They’re beasts. Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, where I grew
Camping and Watersports: The Perfect Summer Combo
Good Sam Camping Blog
Torn between camping in the woods and crashing into some waves this season? Spend your summer doing both, and have the best of both worlds! Want to go hiking and wakeboarding on the same trip? We’ve g
Ask an Expert: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your RV After a Trip
Camping World
After a fun-filled RVing experience, you’ll want to thoroughly clean and disinfect your RV. Why? Prompt RV cleaning extends its life, helps retain its resale value, and keeps your RV in tip-top shape
20 Incredibly Pet-Friendly Campgrounds
Camping World
As travelers with pets, my husband and I have an extra responsibility onboard. We also have an extra element of fun, adventure, and excitement when we take our fur-kids with us on the road! It’s our j
11 Epic Ecotourism Adventures in North America
Good Sam Camping Blog
Return to the road in a big way. Embark on an ecotourism adventure to see nature in its most raw form, from sprawling wetlands to towering trees. The following wild spots will make you forget about th
2022 RVs to Order Today
Now’s the time or order your 2022 RVs from a dealer near you. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best upcoming floorplans that are on order today. You’ll get a glimpse at travel trailers, fifth w
Tips for Enjoying National Parks During the Busy Summer Season
Camping World
If you’re planning to visit a national park on your summer RV trip, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans flock to our national parks during family summer vacation. However, you don’t have to let th
How to Cook for Large Groups in an RV Kitchen
Camping World
There’s so much to love about traveling and vacations, but meals and food prep isn’t usually one of them. It can definitely get tiresome eating out every day for an extended period of time, or having
Ask an Expert: Essential RV Hitch and Tow Basics for Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels
Camping World
Towing can be one of the most stressful things about RVing. Even for veteran RVers and professional truckers, towing isn’t something to be taken lightly. Whether you tow a vehicle with your motorhome,
The Northwest’s Best Kept Wine Secret: Lewis-Clark Valley AVA
Good Sam Camping Blog
Lewis-Clark Valley AVA is home to 2020 Pacific Northwest Winery of the Year as well as 2020 Idaho Winery of the Year. Wine judges are consistently ranking Lewis-Clark Valley wines among the best of th
Ask an Expert: Essential RV Safety for Every Road Trip
Camping World
RV safety practices put you back in the driver’s seat…literally! There will always be factors outside of your control, but a checklist of safe practices leaves less up to chance. Foresight, contingenc