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The True Cost of RV Towing Service


RVing requires more forethought than a typical trip by car because more components are involved, and you have more to plan for, especially in the case of roadside recovery. Factors like RV size, terrain, distance, type of towing vehicle, and type of towable can each make a mechanical problem more difficult to address and more expensive. That’s especially true in the case of towing.

As RVers, we’re used to self-reliance, and RV ownership means we tackle many problems on our own. But when it comes to getting towed, the best way you prepare for a trip is by being informed:

What is the cost of RV towing?What influences the price of a tow?What are cost-saving services I can invest in?What is the best roadside assistance?What affects the price of towing?

Not only does RVing require more forethought than a typical car trip, but the costs of certain services often come at a heftier price tag, like roadside towing. While the typical towing incident for an automobile averages about $109 total, RV towing by a professional service provider can cost between $135-$150 an hour. And the more complications, the higher the price tag.

Knowing what to expect makes a difference, and if you choose to travel without a roadside service plan, better to know the risk than be surprised by the cost of your particular setup. Here we break down a couple of the factors that could increase the price tag of a roadside breakdown tow.

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Campground

So you’re looking to go camping, and for good reason considering that 8.3 million people had the same idea last year. Taking in the beauty that our country has to offer and cultivating community on the road are just a few of the many upsides the outdoor lifestyle brings.

But if you’re a first-time camper, knowing where to start can feel a little daunting. Where should you camp? What kind of campground is the best fit for you and your crew? How much should you expect to pay, and what should you expect to bring?

To eliminate any guesswork and to improve your odds of finding a spot you loves, here’s a comprehensive guide to finding the right campground, along with some helpful resources.

Plan your trip

Collect notes and zero in on the right campground. There’s no need to go into your trip blindly, especially when the odds are that there’s been plenty of ink spilled on whatever campground you’re looking into. 

Know what experience you’re looking for

Knowing the type of experience you’re looking for is the key to finding the right campground. Do you want something a little more remote and scenic? Do you want to stay at a park that will keep your kids (mostly) occupied? Something more friendly for dogs?  These preferences will help narrow your search. Rank what’s important to help you create a starting point.

Overhead shot of a pool

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Camping World’s Guide to RVing Kobuk Valley National Park

Tantalizing for backcountry adventurists, RVing Kobuk Valley National Park is a bit of a challenge – you’ll need a base camp in Anchorage or Fairbanks. Once you’re in the park, you’ll be immersed in the Arctic Circle’s vast mountain landscapes, forests, rivers, an astounding abundance of wildlife, and every weather anomaly known to mankind. 

Yes, this 1.75-million square mile national park acts as a palette for some of Mother Nature’s most amazing handiwork, yet it cannot be explored by conventional means. Visitors must enter and exit by bush plane, as no roads segment this unchecked environment. 

The extra effort required to peer into the secret world of the Kobuk Valley is certainly outweighed by the rewards received. Here’s our guide to visiting Kobuk Valley National Park.

Why Visit Kobuk Valley National Park?

Photo Credit: NPS

Kobuk Valley National Park is an experience outside the norm, attracting those who are determined to explore the wilderness without the trappings of today’s conveniences. Self-reliance is a must here, but prepared adventurers will enjoy experiences you truly can’t find anywhere else on Earth. 

The Kobuk River at Kobuk Valley National Park
Camping at Kobuk Valley National Park
Kobuk Valley National Park
Gidding's Cabin Kobuk Valley National Park
Dunes at Kobuk Valley National Park
Kobuk Valley National Park
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5 Romantic Ideas for a Destination Valentine’s Day

As you’ve probably heard, Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. And while it might be little more than a “greeting card” holiday, it’s still fun to get swept up in the pageantry. What if this year you treated your significant other to a little more than chocolate-covered strawberries and whatever reservations are left on Opentable? What if this year you got really adventurous and planned a last-minute, romantic getaway?


To get kickstart your creative process, here are 5 romantic ideas for a destination Valentine’s Day.


Charleston, SC

Image vis Shutterstock


Palm Springs

Santa Fe

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A Guide to Portable Air Compressors for Your RV

Do you know how important it is to maintain the right pressure in your RV’s tires?

Many RVers neglect proper tire care, but you should only do so at your own peril. Your RV’s tires are its foundation – you’ll only go as far as your tires allow. While we’ve covered tips for tire care before, you should know how portable air compressors can help with tire maintenance. 

A portable air compressor is a compact, lightweight tool that provides compressed air for inflating RV tires, performing RV maintenance, and various other purposes.

Here’s everything you need to know about portable air compressors for your RV.

Why Do You Need a Portable Air Compressor?

Photo by Camping World

Here are several reasons to keep a portable air compressor in your RV: 

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Super Bloom Civility — Look But Don’t Crush the Flowers

Super Bloom civility — this dazzling event attracts huge crowds and big trouble for fragile flowers. 

Days are growing noticeably longer with Spring’s impending arrival. Flowers have begun to bloom, and in California, the timing of the winter rains set off massive blooms of poppies and other blossoms. Seeing these blooms from a satellite image is one way to appreciate the size of the spectacle while getting caught in a massive traffic jam of flower seekers that shuts down an interstate highway is another way.

Indeed, social media has brought the phrase “Super Bloom” into our lives and captured the attention of people from all walks of life. Hundreds of thousands of travelers have descended on locations where the flowers are blooming, and more crowds gather with each beautiful image shared online. Unfortunately, these throngs of flower seekers tend to forget that when they recklessly step into a flowery field, they’re crushing the plants and preventing the vital seed production that brought them there in the first place. Appreciating nature’s bounty without trampling it in the process — is it possible?

Flower tourists land a helicopter in California’s Antelope Poppy Reserve. Photo courtesy of Antelope Poppy Preserve.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not?

In recent years, California put on an amazing flower show, thanks to the perfect timing and quantity of winter rain. And when nature gets it right, we sense beauty and awe, and we find a way to memorialize this experience. Cameras are pressed into use. Pen, ink or paint trigger the coordination of mental and physical muscles in an attempt to render overwhelming visuals.

Super Bloom selfies leave damage in their wake.

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6 Highland Ridge Open Range Fifth Wheels You’ll Love

Getting the perfect fifth wheel for your family vacations is easy when you have one of the Highland Ridge Open Range fifth wheels in tow. These luxurious RVs are packed with features that will help you make the most of your time at the campground. Learn more in this Highland Ridge Open Range fifth wheel review.

Find more luxury fifth wheel at RVing Planet.

Highland Ridge Open Range 284RLS

Save over $15,000 on this Highland Ridge Open Range 284RLS fifth wheel today and take home an RV that offers plenty of space for your whole family. You’ll love that the kitchen island gives you additional counter space to serve your crew delicious meals. Additionally, there’s a desk in the bedroom to help you bring work on the road so that you can stay at the campground longer.

Additional Features:

Rear Living AreaFireplaceKitchen IslandBedroom DeskDouble Entry BathOutside KitchenThis outdoor kitchen offers a slide-out range for grilling around the fire.

Highland Ridge Open Range 371MBH

Take home this bunkhouse RV, and you’ll have all the space you need for up to seven campers. There are two bedrooms in this unit, with the mid-bunkhouse acting as a multi-purpose room. You can easily transform the space into an office or give your guests the privacy they need to get a great night’s sleep.

Additional Features:

Highland Main
Highland Outdoor Kitchen
Highland Living
Highland Kitchen
Highland Bathroom
Highland Bedroom
Highland Bunks
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What You Need to Know About RV Surge Protectors

Having access to electrical power sets camping in a travel trailer, motorhome, or fifth wheel apart from other types of camping. An RV’s amenities make camping more comfortable in large part thanks to power for lights, outlets, and appliances. RV surge protectors are essential for protecting your RV’s electrical system so you can enjoy those amenities.

While you can do several maintenance tasks to ensure your RV’s electrical system remains healthy, you should protect it with a surge protector when plugging it into a power pedestal. If you don’t, you run the risk of a power surge that could destroy your RV’s electrical system and the items connected to it.

Here’s what you need to know about RV surge protectors.

Why Do You Need an RV Surge Protector?

When you connect your RV to a power source – like shore power at an RV park – you expect the right amount of electrical power to come out of the outlet and that it’s wired correctly. The acceptable range for AC power in an RV is between 108 and 132 volts, with 120 volts preferred.

What you need to know about RVs and surge protectors
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What to Expect in the First Five Years of RV Ownership, Part 1

Recreational vehicle travel seems to grow in popularity in North America each year. Whether getting a versatile tent trailer, travel trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, or motorhome, countless people and families will be joining the RV lifestyle in the coming months. However, once beginner RV owners first get their RV home, the learning and ownership experience begins. What responsibilities will be required, what type of maintenance is needed, and how much overall effort and expense goes into the yearly upkeep?

Unfortunately, when it comes to cost or ownership, many RV buyers focus mainly on the monthly payments of the vehicle loan. While this is certainly an important factor, it should not be thought of as the only cost. RVers also need to consider vehicle insurance, possible storage charges, required maintenance based on time or mileage, after-warranty repairs, winterizing costs, amortized wear and tear, consumable items, etc.

Getty Images

Hands-on Learning

Financial obligations aren’t the only concerns for new buyers. There are a whole lot of learning and hands-on experiences that are free. When RV travelers slow down and take the time to learn about their new ride, it may even help reduce some of the ongoing ownership costs.

Getty Images

motorhome with dinghy and class C driving on a road
RV in manufacturing plant
Technician performing awning care on a Class C motorhome.
Ground-level view of tag axle motorhome

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How to Use a Portable RV Waste Tank

Using a portable RV waste tank is similar to the process of emptying your gray and black water tanks. These portable waste tanks are ideal for long-term camping destinations with “partial hookups,” meaning – there isn’t a sewer connection at the campsite, but there might be a dump site at the campground or nearby.  

Full hookup sites are often more expensive and harder to find than partial hookup sites. That’s why portable waste tanks are really useful to have on hand.

Learn more about portable waste tanks and why you might need them.

What is a Portable RV Waste Tank?

Photo by Camping World

Portable RV waste tanks serve as temporary holding tanks, allowing you to transport waste to the dump station without moving your RV. Some have two round three-inch openings, and others only have one. Most also have a waste tank vent opening that serves as a pressure relief valve.

Here are a few nicknames used for portable waste water holding tanks:

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Over the Fire Cooking: Gaucho Grilling


Viral chef Derek Wolf of Over the Fire Cooking has championed the art of cooking over an open flame. On his Instagram page and Youtube channel, he leans on his many years of experience to offer plenty of outdoor-friendly and imaginative recipes for even the most novice of cooks.

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or a weekend warrior, cooking can be a challenge. Kitchen space, cooking equipment, and ingredients can feel limiting, making it hard to imagine preparing anything that adventures beyond hotdogs or hamburgers.

Recently Derek sat down with Good Sam RV Rentals and shared his affinity for the art of gaucho grilling, a kind of over-the-fire cooking, and how it’s among his “favorite ways to cook.” Derek says, “[since] a lot of the flavors are fresh and simple,” it’s easy to understand.

To better help you experience more flavor during your next outdoor meal, here’s a breakdown of gaucho grilling at your campground, as well as one of Derek’s go-to recipes.

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Camping World’s Guide to RVing Zion National Park

Towering cliffs in shades of cream and rust, deep slot canyons, depictions of the tribes that called this land home, and overlooks that make you feel like you’re one with the angels, Zion National Park is one of the Utah Five and provides adventurers a chance to experience the beauty of the high desert.

Spanning a little over 200 square miles, Zion National Park is one of the smaller parks on the list, but that doesn’t stop it from having some of the most diverse landscapes and a bounty of activities for explorers of all ages and abilities. It’s no surprise that Utah’s first national park has become more popular recently, pulling in around five million annual visitors.

Why Visit Zion National Park in an RV?

Photo by Asif Islam via Shutterstock

RVing to Zion National Park offers a few key benefits. Its proximity to Utah’s other national parks makes it perfect for an adventurous road trip. Easily take the comforts of home with you as you RV through Zion, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Arches, and Capitol Reef national parks. Bonus points if you travel down to Arizona for Grand Canyon National Park.

And it’s not just national parks you can hit nearby. Zion is also close to popular monuments and state parks like Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Antelope Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, and the Vermillion Cliffs.

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3 Entegra Coach Ethos Class B Motorhomes for Easy Travel

If you dream of getting out to the campground without a worry or care, these Entegra Coach Ethos class B motorhomes are the perfect choice. These RVs are built to make the drive to the campground comfortable and easy to make sure you start your adventure off right. Below, we’ll show you three of our favorite floorplans to help you start planning your next big escape.

Order your today!

Entegra Coach Ethos 20A

Save big on your next adventure with this Entegra Coach Ethos 20A class B motorhome on sale today. You can take $34,000 off this incredible RV for two and put those incredible savings into your next camping trip instead! Inside this RV, you’ll find enough seating to bring along your camping buddies. The rear sofa extends into a comfortable bed for two, giving you a great space to rest after a day on the road.

This pre-owned RV is available now, but it won’t last long! Take it home today!

Additional Features:

Two Additional Cab SeatsSofaPantryConvection Microwave13′ Thule Armless AwningPlenty of space to relax and watch a movie with your loved one.

Entegra Coach Ethos 20D

If you’re looking for something that offers versatility, the Entegra Coach Ethos 20D class B motorhome is the way to go. This unit offers a spacious pop-top to give you additional sleeping and storage space. You’ll love that the kitchen is equipped with a pantry for all your drinks, snacks, and more. There’s sleeping for four inside this motorhome, so you’ll be able to travel comfortably with your family.

Entegra Main
Entegra Living
Entegra Kitchen
Entegra Bathroom
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Gear Review: iDeaPlay Electric Mountain Bike

I’ve been looking at e-bikes with envy for a while. My last bike was a hundred-dollar single-speed that traveled well on road trips but couldn’t handle the mountainous terrain my pet Husky likes to explore. 

Honestly, the price point of electric mountain bikes gives me pause, you might even call it fear of buyer’s remorse. That’s why I was so interested in the iDeaPlay electric mountain bike – it’s one of the more affordable e-bikes out there. 

Beyond the price, the important questions are: how does it perform, and who is this e-bike for? Let’s find out in a comprehensive review of the iDeaPlay electric mountain bike.

The iDeaPlay Electric Mountain Bike Unboxing and Setup

Photo by Tucker Ballister

The bike arrived in several pieces, so the first challenge was assembly. Assembly required a little over an hour but didn’t involve any electrical work. The frame arrived with the brushless motor and electric wiring installed, with no need for adjustments. 

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Camp Under Spacious Skies at Lake Olancha RV Park in California

Do you crave outdoor adventure? Then, you’ve found paradise! Death Valley, Mount Whitney (the tallest mountain in the U.S. Lower 48 at 14,505 feet), the gorgeous Sierras, and other California attractions are all within reach. Visit Alabama Hill plus nearby lakes, trails, and rolling rivers. Welcome to breathtaking views from our 100-acre RV retreat, settled along a one-mile circumference around beautiful Olancha Lake. From your campsite in Lake Olancha RV Park, you’ll find the majestic, snowcapped Sierra Mountains to the West and Death Valley to the East. Enter a 400-foot, rock-walled entrance to our serene, lakeside surroundings.

Olancha Lake


Olancha is a cozy mountain town with a population of around 200 residents. Surrounded by the Sierra Mountains to the West and Death Valley to the East. There are so many adventures waiting for you for day trips from our park!

Hiking Trails of the Sierra Mountains and Death ValleyMount Whitney / Mt. Whitney Gold Club (tallest USA mountain – 14,505 feet)Alabama Hill’s beautiful rock formation with excellent rock climbingMuseum of Western Film HistoryOlancha Lake, Lone Pine Lake, and Lone Pine TrialDirty Socks Hot SpringsWhitney Golf ClubCerro Gordo Mining TownAlabama Hills, shooting location of various filmsFossil FallsDiaz Lake recreation areaLone Pine Film MuseumMammoth Lake 2 hours away

RV Sites, Tenting or Glamping Cabins

Our intimate campground hosts 50 spacious, pull-through RV sites equipped with full hookups, 30 and 50-amp electric, cable, and Wi-Fi — all at affordable rates. Prefer tent camping? Camp among 10 tent sites nestled in the heart of nature. Our family-friendly, pet-friendly grounds offer five fully furnished cabins ranging from one to three bedrooms at affordable rates — perfectly suited for extended stays! If you love camping with your favorite creature comforts, you’ll love our cabins! We offer short and longer-term stay rates, so whether your adventure is brief or extended, you are welcome.

Olancha Lake

A house behind wooden fence and shielded by tall, leafy trees.

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How to Winterize Your RV Generator

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When you aren’t plugged into a power pedestal, your RV’s generator is your main AC power source. To keep it running efficiently and maximize its lifespan, you’ll need to learn how to winterize your RV generator. 

Of course, the exact procedure depends on the make and model of your generator. Begin by consulting your generator’s owner’s manual or contacting the manufacturer for generator winterization best practices. 

That said, here are the reasons to winterize your generator and an overview of how to do it. 

Table of Contents

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RV for Beginners – 15 Things Every New RVer Should Know

If you’re a new RVer, you’re probably overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about RVing. When we became full-timers, we certainly were. In ... Read more

Popular Fifth Wheel Floor Plans

One of the most beautiful – and perhaps overwhelming – parts of buying a fifth wheel RV is finding the right floorplan. Fifth wheels come in numerous layouts, and you’re bound to find one that fits your personality and needs. Below are just a few options that are popular among RVers.

Popular Fifth Wheel Floor Plans

Because fifth wheels tend to be longer and heavier than some travel trailers, they require a truck with a higher towing capacity. Use our Towing Guide to find out how much your truck can tow before you check out these popular fifth wheel floor plans.

Before you take your new 5th wheel on its maiden voyage, download or print and laminate this hitch checklist for reference. 

Bunkhouse Fifth Wheels

Big family or RVing in a group? Bunkhouse models feature loads of sleeping spaces to keep everyone comfy. Add slideouts and these models are spacious enough to accommodate multiple people comfortably—even on rainy days.

Featured RV – Forest River Sabre 350BH

Length: 40’1”Dry Weight: 11.853 poundsSleeping Capacity: Up to 6Photo by Forest River

The Forest River Sabre fifth wheel offers a unique floorplan with a raised bunkhouse area in the rear and ample storage space underneath. That basement storage area is accessible from the fifth wheel’s rear exterior, and there’s also an outdoor kitchen on the passenger side. 

front living floor plan fifth wheel rv
rear living floor plan fifth wheel rv
rear entertainment layout fifth wheel rv
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54 New Good Sam Campgrounds Add Value and Savings to Camping


Planning that epic RV trip across North America? Good Sam has added 54 new campgrounds to its network for RVers eager to jump into the camping life. Good Sam members save big with the 10 percent discount. While exploring, discover all of the RV campgrounds in the Good Sam Network.

If you’re not a member, joining is simple: Purchase a membership at any Good Sam Campground, or sign up online. Before making reservations, check each campground’s seasonal information to determine availability.


BV Overlook Camp & Lodging, Buena Vista

With stunning views of the Collegiate Peaks, this getaway has access to hiking and biking trails, fishing, rafting, and hot springs. Tiny homes, yurts, and tent sites are available.

Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs. Getty Images

Sun rises over rocky landscape.
Airstreams lined up on the bank of a river.
An indoor dining area looking out an an RV park.
A horse grazes at a ranch in KKentucky;s horse country during autumn
Campground with fifth-wheel and boulders demarcating spaces.
Playground in foreground with RVs in background amid wooded setting.
RV spaces adjacent to sprawling lawn.
A boat churns close to the foot of Niagara Falls.
Expanse of water during sunset.
RV campground store with items arrayed around it.
Channel lined with fishing vessels with lush banks.
A waterfall empties into an emerald pool as spectators watch.
Four presidents' face carved into the face of a mountain.
Neon-lit entertainment district in urban area.

Three kids ride mountain bikes down a rocky trail.
An RV park on the banks of a wide river.
Crowded fairgrounds aerial view.
Aerial shot of RV campground amid tall trees.
Path leading to RV park under tall, lush trees.

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RV Trash Cans and Where to Put Them

How do you manage trash and recycling in your RV? 

The biggest problem with RV trash cans is there’s often not a specific place for them, except in bigger, luxury RVs. Trash in an RV fills up quickly, becomes smelly, and attracts flies and animals. 

RV kitchens are so small that they rarely have a place to hang or store a trash can. This is especially true in micro campers or teardrops, meaning you’ll need to get creative to collect and dispose of RV trash before it becomes a problem. 

Depending on your floorplan, you may need to get creative to store an RV trash can and recycling in a conveniently accessible location in your RV. 

Table of Contents

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