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WEnRV travel news, products, and industry trends

Stay up-to-date on RV travel news, products, and trends from around the world. Stay updated on all RV news from many online source, on
5 Big Snags You Might Hit on Your First RV Outing
Good Sam Camping Blog
Something is bound to go wrong on your first RV outing. When you are on vacation and ready to relax, it may be stressful to discover a blown tire or broken appliance; however, most RVers will tell you
RV Legends - Wally Byam
RV Industry News
Wally Byam (1896-1962) was an influential figure in the world of recreational vehicles (RVs) and the founder of Airstream, a renowned manufacturer of travel trailers. Byam's vision and innovative desi...
3 Incredible Deals on Pop-Up Campers for 2023
A pop-up camper is a unique style of camper that is easy to steal when it’s not in use and expands to provide plenty of space at the campground. This is an excellent option if you are used to tent cam
How Much Wind is Too Much for Your RV?
Good Sam Camping Blog
Owners of motorhomes and large trailers have likely experienced the challenge of driving in high, gusty winds. Add passing semi-trucks and cars, and your trip can soon turn into what could only be des
RV & Camping News – May 30th
Good Sam Camping Blog
This week in the Good Sam camping news spotlight, we’re taking a look at growing trends within the RV and outdoor community as more and more people opt to save money by renting and vacationing in a mo
The Alaska Highway
Drive of the Day
The Alaska Highway, also known as the Alaska-Canada Highway or ALCAN Highway, is a historic and scenic road that connects Dawson Creek in British Columbia, Canada, to Delta Junction in Alaska, United ...
Top 10 Travel Trailers for 2023
No matter where you plan to go taking a travel trailer to the campground is an easy way to get to your dream destinations. These easy-to-tow RVs are fitted with lightweight builds and luxury amenities
Best Summer Road-trip Films
Good Sam Camping Blog
Few things feel like summer, quite like taking a vacation or going to the movies. There’s something about the open road that just feels healing, and there’s something about a silver screen and popcorn
What’s the expected life of an RV tire?
Good Sam Camping Blog
Before you venture out on your next cross-country road trip it’s important to take stock of your RV’s tires. Unlike your typical car tire, motorhome tires are carrying tens of thousands of pounds, and
Your 2023 Summer Outdoor Reading List
Good Sam Camping Blog
This summer at the campsite, find time between hikes, sightseeing, and kayak voyages to sit down with a book or two sure to inspire the adventure. Whether you’re planning the next trip, living out a v
Comparing the Depreciation of RVs and Cars
Good Sam Camping Blog
Unlike a house or savvy investment, when it comes to buying a car or RV, depreciation is inevitable. Every year newer models with sleek updates decrease the value of those from the previous year – mak
6 2023 Fifth Wheels for Family Vacations
Whether you’re planning your next family vacation or ventures for years to come, the fifth wheels for sale at or an excellent place to start. Learn more about these 2023 fifth wheels f
Luxury RV Brands
RV Industry News
 There are several luxury RV brands that cater to those seeking high-end and luxurious recreational vehicles. Here are some notable luxury RV brands: Airstream: Airstream is an iconic brand known...
RV Overhead Clearance Issues
Good Sam Camping Blog
Negotiating tight turns in busy urban environments with large RVs can challenge the best of drivers. Navigating narrow roads lined with parked cars and turning wide enough to avoid striking the curb o
Fireworks and Festivals in America’s Mid-Atlantic Region
Good Sam Camping Blog
Watch fireworks burst over places where America’s formative history unfolded. From Annapolis Harbor in Maryland to Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, America’s Mid-Atlantic region is dotted with histor