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WEnRV travel news, products, and industry trends

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Jayco Redhawk
RV Industry News
The Jayco Redhawk is a popular Class C motorhome known for its combination of style, comfort, and affordability. Here are some key features and highlights of the Jayco Redhawk: 1. Spacious Floor Plans...
6 Toy Hauler Travel Trailers for Family Fun
Finding an RV that perfectly combines functionality and comfort is easy when you shop these incredible toy hauler travel trailers for sale near you. Below, we’ll highlight six of our favorite RVs with
Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo
RV Industry News
The route from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo is one of the most popular and scenic journeys in Brazil. The trip takes you through diverse landscapes, from beautiful beaches to lush forests, and offers a...
One Hot Tire: What Does it Mean?
Good Sam Camping Blog
As temperatures trend hotter across the country, it’s a good time to think about how heat in general affects tire performance. Specifically, how heat and tire pressure are related. The relationship be
Classic Trailers - The Scamp 13
RV Industry News
The Scamp 13 is a specific model within the Scamp line of compact fiberglass travel trailers. It is one of the smallest and most popular offerings by Scamp Trailers, known for its lightweight and easy...
Stealth Camping 101 Tips for Urban Camping With or Without a Stealth Camper
What is stealth camping? Stealth camping refers to camping in an urban environment in a discreet manner. These stealth campers are often found on public ... Read more
10 Top Stargazing Camping Spots in North America
Good Sam Camping Blog
Put a stop to video streaming and turn to a different show: the night sky. From the right vantage point, campers can see endless spectacles of constellations, clusters and planets. Take in views of th
Why Every RVer Needs Both Tools and Roadside Assistance
Good Sam Camping Blog
Tools to manage repairs on your own and a roadside assistance plan when you require help beyond what you can tackle yourself — no RVer’s rig is complete without both of these critical emergency option
5 Class B Motorhomes for Couples
Below, we will show you five excellent class B motorhomes for sale today that are perfect for taking your next trip to the campground. These couple’s coaches feature amenities like cozy captain’s coac
What to Look For In Campgrounds Near Lakes
Good Sam Camping Blog
RVing lakeside — it’s hard to beat. Depending on the location, you get the best of both worlds, enjoying the comforts of your RV while in close proximity to waterfront entertainment like beaches, swim
Boler Trailer
RV Industry News
The Boler Trailer is a classic fiberglass travel trailer known for its compact and lightweight design. It was one of the first molded fiberglass trailers produced in Canada and gained popularity in th...
Newport Dunes Delivers California Fun on the Water
Good Sam Camping Blog
Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina carves out a corner of tranquility in a bustling Southern California beach community right in the heart of Newport Beach. Guests can dip their toes in the sa
Route of the Day - Peak to Peak Scenic Byway
Drive of the Day
The Peak to Peak Scenic Byway is a picturesque and popular route in Colorado that stretches for approximately 55 miles from Estes Park to Black Hawk. Here are some key highlights and features of this ...
Gainesville to Atlanta: Where To Go, What To See
Good Sam Camping Blog
Every year, thousands of RVers make their way northbound on I-75 from Gainesville, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia, whether as a single trip, along the snowbirds’ trek back north, or as a leg along any gi
Route of the Day - Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien)
Drive of the Day
The Atlantic Road, also known as Atlanterhavsveien, is a picturesque and thrilling route in Norway that offers stunning coastal views and an unforgettable driving experience. Here's an overview of the...