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RV Height Clearance: Some Things to Think About
Camping World
One thing that every RVer needs to be conscious of is the height of their rig. Unfortunately, not every RV will fit under every bridge or overpass. If you choose to ignore the height of your RV, you can experience disastrous results for your RV’s roof.This is true of all types of RVs from travel trailers and fifth-wheels to small Class B motorhomes
10 Fall Fun Fall Events for Snowbird Travelers
Good Sam Camping Blog
Attention, snowbirds: Need a good reason to fly south sooner? How about ten reasons? Our list of the best fall festivals for snowbird RVers is a must-see during your southbound travels. The 10 Best Fall Festivals for Snowbirds Fall made a brief appearance yesterday at my campsite near Carson City, Nevada. A thin dusting of frost coated the RV rooft
Camping World’s Guide to RVing Lassen Volcanic National Park
Camping World
Power from inside the Earth’s crust has molded California’s Lassen Volcanic National Park into an active landscape that continues to transform today. From erupting geysers to bubbling mud pots, the park is a living example of vulcanism and the considerable strength it has to alter the planet and move land masses. The Earth’s tectonic plates are loc
How to Choose an RV Water Heater
Camping World
We all enjoy hot water in our daily lives and that doesn’t have to change when we go camping. That’s why recreation vehicles (RVs) come equipped with water heaters. If you have to upgrade or replace your unit, choosing a water heater for your RV can be a little daunting but it doesn’t always have to be. Why Replace an RV Water Heater? Photo by Camp
Where Can You Dump Your RV Waste?
Camping World
Waste not, want not — it’s a way of life. Much like the RV life, the motto focuses on getting the most out of everything. The adventure. The journey. The destination. It applies to nearly every situation, every scenario, except one. Actual waste. When it comes to your RV waste, the only thing you want to know is where to dump it. We’ve gathered the
Camping World’s Guide to RVing Mesa Verde National Park
Camping World
Located in Colorado to the south of the La Plata Mountains, Mesa Verde National Park protects the cultural heritage of the Ancestral Pueblo people and is a World Heritage Site with roughly 4,700 archaeological sites and about 600 cliff dwellings.  If you want to step back in time and see how the Ancestral Puebloan people lived, RVing Mesa Verde Nat
How To Choose a Sleeping Bag for Any Season
Camping World
Your sleeping bag choice matters when you go camping. A comfortable bag for summer can leave you shivering when temperatures drop in the fall, but a winter sleeping bag can make you sweat during the warmer months.  Some RVers stock sleeping bags for hosting guests inside their RV, while others use them to make tent camping comfortable for guests or
Excellent Pop Up Campers for First Timers
Camping World
If you’re looking at getting out of a tent and into an RV, or are looking to trade in your current RV, but are intimated by the price and responsibility of a motorhome, travel trailer, or fifth-wheel, then consider a pop up. Pop ups have many advantages, and they’re usually a lot easier to handle. This will help make your transition into your first
3 Fall Harvest Festivals to RV To
Good Sam Camping Blog
It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for RV enthusiasts anyway. While others start to turn their focus toward preparing for colder days ahead, the holiday season, and a new year, RVers aren’t clearing the roads just yet. In fact, fall is the gift that keeps on giving since it’s the best time to RV. Before you start thinking about winterizing
Best Family Travel Trailers Under 4,500 Pounds
Camping World
Many families across the country want to go camping, but they understandably don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a new heavy-duty truck and an RV to make that happen. That’s where the best family travel trailers under 4500 pounds come into play. Family Travel Trailers Under 4,500 Pounds These lightweight travel trailers are perfect for fa
Camping World’s Guide to RVing Joshua Tree National Park
Camping World
If you ask other RVers which national park is their favorite, someone is bound to mention Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. It’s a camper’s paradise with wide open space and panoramic views. Most evenings, the landscape glows at golden hour, and the sky turns from red hot at sunset to dark blue and star-filled at night. You can enjo
Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post: A Classic New Mexico Destination on Route 66
Good Sam Camping Blog
Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post blends the freewheeling spirit of Route 66’s heyday with all the comforts and amenities of a 21st-century RV resort. Surrounded by rugged desert scenery just 11 miles east of Albuquerque, the resort puts guests within reach of some of New Mexico’s most exciting attractions. Blasts From the Past Visitors will
A Quick Guide to Work Camping
Camping World
Work camping (or workamping) is by no means a new concept. As long as campers have been RVing full-time, they’ve been finding jobs to help supplement their mobile lifestyles. With modern technology, though, our options have significantly expanded. Work camping doesn’t mean what it used to, but it’s arguably more accessible than ever. Want to make m
Camping World’s Guide to RVing Isle Royale National Park
Camping World
Water is the main star at Isle Royale National Park. With over 400 islands inside the park boundaries, visitors traverse the waters of Lake Superior to then navigate channels and waterways by kayak or canoe, sailboat, or fishing vessel, all for a little island hopping. SCUBA divers find treasure in the waters here as 10 shipwrecks offer up their se
Top 7 Folding Pop-Up Campers
When you travel with your family, having a camper that can comfortably sleep your entire family is essential. If you’re looking for a great way to upgrade from tent camping to something that will keep you comfortable and still give you that tent feeling, these folding pop-up campers are the perfect choice! Learn about the top 7 folding pop-up campe